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9. Dezember 2019

Waiting in style in the Tea Garden 

Kusch+Co is proud to be part of the prestigious new capital airport in Beijing, China. Namely the “Tea Garden” and the “Porcelain Garden” were supplied with premium airport seating systems from Kusch+Co. Both the architectural as well the interior design concept are clearly inspired by Ancient China.

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At the recently opened Beijing Daxing International Airport, the travelers can now enjoy the comfort of the Kusch+Co waiting benches – especially in the ancient-Chinese-style departure piers “Tea Garden” and “Porcelain Garden”. Kusch+Co is reputed worldwide as an expert in the field of upmarket seating geared towards public environments. The fact that over 260 internatio.nal airports have opted for their products is a testimony to their knowhow. Kusch+Co furnished the Beijing Airport with 3,700 seat units of the bench series 8000 (Design by Studio F. A. Porsche). The premium, genuine leather upholstery, the purist, vigorous design language as well as the blue and brown colour scheme underline the benches’ excellent comfort.

The new Beijing Daxing International Airport was completed after a construction time of only four years. The airport is expected to hand.le 45 million passengers a year. The design for the 700,000 square meters main terminal – the second largest after Istanbul – was master.minded by the British architect Zaha Hadid, who died in 2016. She was known for her exceptional, organic design language. The dynamically curved architecture is inspired by the mythical bird Fenghuang, revered as a symbol of good luck in China. The Terminal’s sweeping roof cons.truction is designed to mimic a bird’s wings. From a functional perspective, the building was designed to feature short walking distances. That is the reason why the five similarly long spokes, spreading out from the center, are not longer than 600 meters.

Porcelain garden lounge

Each spoke features a departure lounge, decorated according to a specific theme – inspired by ancient Chinese styles – namely Silk Garden, Tea Garden, Porcelain Garden, Countryside Garden and Chinese Garden. Even the colour schemes of the waiting areas in the respective spokes are coordinated with the different gardens. Kusch+Co furnished two thematic lounges, i.e. the Porcelain Garden and the Tea Garden. Kusch+Co is well-known as a worldwide expert in the field of upmar.ket seating geared towards public areas. More than 260 international airports have opted for their airport seating. At the Beijing Airport, Kusch+Co delivered and installed 3,700 seat units of the bench system 8000 (Design by Studio F. A. Porsche). The premium, genuine leather upholstery, the purist, vigorous design language as well as the blue and brown colour scheme underline the benches’ excellent comfort.

Blue Ming

A special focus is put on the blue upholstery colour in the “Porcelain Garden”, that comes in two different hues, and can be seen all across the airport. The colour is a reminiscence of China’s eventful and rich history, and especially of the Ming dynasty and its world-famous blue porcelain. The concept is based on the idea of “Continued Seat Design” – the seats are interlinked like soft waves, and – also thanks to the blue upholstery – create associations with the ocean. Privacy is guaranteed through the vertical profiles, defining each seat separately. On top of this, all bench tops and power modules can be incorporated in the bench row.

Installation on time – and on time for the next project

In spite of the enormous time pressure, as specified by the project, all Kusch+Co products were delivered right on time. Speed was of the essence, as the official opening was to coincide with the 70th jubilee of the New China. On this occasion, the airport was meant as a gift to the Chinese people and the nation. The entire project costed 63 billion US dollar to build.

There are already plans to expand the new Daxing airport with further runways and terminals. By 2025, the overall capacity is to be increased to up to 72 million passengers. By 2040, the airport is expected to have a total of eight runways and to be capable of handling up to 130 million travelers per year. A high seat comfort is of course seminal for such a prestigious project to succeed.

About Kusch+Co

Shaping the way we sit – Kusch+Co’s mission statement stands for more than 80 years of know-how in designing and producing market-oriented seating and interior design solutions as well as for their proficiency in the fields of Fire Prevention, Hygiene and Reduced Mobility.

With their renewed portfolio, Kusch+Co reacts to the changes occurring in the modern working world, to the new challenges in the healthcare sector and to the current requirements in airports and transit sites.

Kusch+Co – established in 1939 by Ernst Kusch and run as a family business in the following decades, until recently by Ricarda Kusch – became a part of the group of companies Nowy Styl, a leading European producer of comprehensive interior design solutions geared towards offices and public areas, in 1939. Kusch+Co is a globally operating premium brand, employing in their headquarters in the Sauerland-based town of Hallenberg – the cradle of their entrepreneurial roots – approximately 230 people. Their network includes other subsidiaries and showrooms e.g. in Munich, Berlin, Paris, London, Brussels, not forgetting in the Dutch town of Culemborg.
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