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Mediainformation  SATTLER

19. Mai 2017


Anello Pendant Luminaire illuminates sculptures in the Munich Residence – The light installations by SATTLER blend harmoniously into the magnificent ambience.

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Historic buildings require a high level of sensitivity when it comes to contemporary lighting design. More often than not, innovative solutions are needed, especially for exhibitions and other events. SATTLER have adapted their Anello LED luminaire to these requirements for the Bronze Halls in the Munich Residence. The sculptural luminaires emit a vibrant interior light, which can also be individually directed at exhibits by the use of single spot lights. The luminaires blend harmoniously into the magnificent ambience: Classic elegance combined with state-of-the-art lighting technology discreetly accentuates the halls.

The Bronze Halls are part of the vacated premises of the State Museum of Egyptian Art in the Bavarian capital: Visitors can admire 400-year-old original bronze sculptures from a close range. Copies of the sculptures also adorn the palace’s gardens, facades and courtyards. The Munich Residence was constructed as a splendid residence and seat of government for the Bavarian dukes, prince electors and kings. Today, the Residence houses the museums of the Bavarian Palace Department (Bayerische Schlösserverwaltung) as well as other cultural institutions of the Free State of Bavaria.

The RFHT architectural firm based in Munich was in charge of the extensive restructuring plan of the historic halls. “A high degree of design quality in addition to a focus on the utmost preservation of the heritage-protected building“ was a top priority when carrying out the work.

Modern light objects in historic ambience

The Anello 1600 luminaire was modified for this project and selected due to its artistically reduced and modern design combined with two features: room lighting and selective object illumination for museum exhibits. Furthermore, different lighting ambiences – also for various events – can be created by the use of a light control. “With the Göppingen-based SATTLER GmbH we have found a manufacturer able to magnificently incorporate our conceptual ideas in design, technology and precise workmanship“, says Hans Tratschuk, architect in charge and lighting designer at the RFHT offices.

As with many other SATTLER luminaires, Anello follows the archetypal shape of the circle. It was awarded the iF Design Award in 2012. Its classic and timeless design integrates harmoniously into the rooms and draws attention to the historic vaulted stucco ceiling due to its indirect light. Its ring shape also assimilates the circular form of the stucco rosettes, thus smoothly integrating into the entire ensemble.

Precious exhibits are given prominence with LED lights

Technically modified, the Anello luminaire presents itself as an all-rounder in the Munich Residence: The beam angles and light colours of the additional LED spot lights can be individually adjusted and draw attention to the precious exhibits with directed light. The spot lights are fitted onto a live track and can be switched on and off separately. Additional spot lights can be mounted at any time. The general lighting can also be separately switched on and dimmed to illuminate either the ceiling or the floor, which increases the luminaire‘s possible applications.

The circular shape enables a further accentuation of the bronze exhibits: By centring the sculptures below the pendant luminaire, the visitor’s eye is automatically directed to the object. Consequently, this technically sophisticated lighting solution harmonises superbly with the spatial circumstances of the Bronze Halls in the Munich Residence. The distinguished SATTLER luminaires leave nothing to be desired here.

Facts and Figures

Project: Lighting concept of the Bronze Halls in the Munich Residence, 2016
Lighting Design: Hans Tratschuk – RFHT Architectural Firm
Luminaires: SATTLER customized version of the Anello LED pendant luminaire, Ø 1,600 mm including dimmer. The luminaire was modified by fitting LED spot lights which can be separately switched on and off.
Quantity: 11


SATTLER is a family business located in Göppingen, Germany, which is managed in the second and third generation by Ulrich Sattler and his son, Sven Sattler. As a manufacturer of sculptural luminaires of extremely high-quality detail from design to production, the company enjoys an excellent international reputation. SATTLER luminaires are coveted interior items for foyers, shops and malls as well as prestigious residential buildings and executive suites all over the world. “The true greatness of our products is in the detail”, is the company owners’ creed, which also concisely summarizes SATTLER’s quality and design standards. 

SATTLER has been awarded numerous design and innovation prizes for their pioneering products such as the iF Design Award, the Red Dot Design Award and the Focus Open Gold Award. The most recent prize in 2019 has been the German Design Award. 

In January 2015, SATTLER moved into a new corporate building, which was designed by the Stuttgart-based architectural firm Rolf Loew and furnished by Raiserlopes.






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