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Mediainformation  Kusch+Co

12. September 2019

Tables that go beyond the usual dimensions

The table series 9500/9550 is a new offering by Kusch+Co, capable of spanning large ranges up to and including 4 metres. 

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The products designed by the Kusch+Co Designteam are characterized by a high utility value and a fresh design. Under the guidance of Robert de le Roi, the in-house design team creates seating series that do more than simply comply with the functional market requirements – these products are intended to mesmerize through a clear-cut design language. Take the new table series 9500/9550 for example. The unique selling point of this series are the exceptional table top dimensions that can measure up to 4 metres, offering plenty of legroom. In order to meet the wide spectrum of functional, physiognomic, and not forgetting the technical requirements of the “New Work” movement, it will not only be necessary to reshape the office environments, but also to furnish them with purpose-made furniture.

With these new products, Kusch+Co reacts to the changes currently occurring in the modern working world by offering new, flexible solutions to adorn lounge-like workspaces. Even though most of the office work is still carried out in a seated posture, not all tasks are done at the own workstation: zones for creative breaks or informal conversations among colleagues are just as much needed as areas where staff members can work in tranquillity.

Depending on the variation, these table tops can span a range of up to four metres Kusch+Co is constantly looking for new ideas to develop innovative seating and table solutions, specifically geared towards “break-out areas – their latest offering is the new table series 9500/9550: whereas the standard-issue tables with a height of 72 centimetres are suited for conference and meeting rooms, the High Table variations with a height of 108 centimetres are designed for dynamic work meetings, and therefore ideally suited for informal meeting areas, for instance in combination with bar stools. Depending on the configuration, the table top is capable of spanning a range of up to 4 metres - the overall overlap of the rectangular and stadium-shaped table tops provides plenty of legroom and freedom of movement.

The construction is based on a platform strategy –
futuristic and equipped with power modules

The four-legged steel-frame construction is this table’s constructional platform; the legs are made either of metal or wood (beech or oak). These legs are characterized by a slender, triangular profile, tapered at the lower end, and fitted with disc-shaped, black plastic glides – eliciting the association of the lunar module’s landing pads. On top of this, this table series can be equipped with state-of-the-art media technology through the incorporation of netboxes capable of powering laptops and mobile handhelds resp. through the use of multimedia lids featuring power modules. The vertical cable duct is cleverly concealed inside the legs.

Different surfaces with special properties

With the aim of being able to adapt to the spatial conditions, the 3-layered chipboard can be covered with different materials, such as the nano-tech-material FENIX® which has a really matt appearance, is velvety and soft to touch, and comes with an anti-fingerprint coating, or a real-wood veneer surface, or a HPL coating. The HPL Resopal surfaces are available with either a low-flammability or antibacterial finish.
As a result, the table series 9500/9550 offers the ideal framework for a modern and collaborative working environments. This series is also the convincing proof that “thanks to the creative input of the entire design team, the outcome is always a joint effort that is future-proof” – as Robert de le Roi underlines.

About Kusch+Co


In order to stay fit for the future, companies have to be able to adapt and reinvent themselves over and over again – this credo also applies to Kusch+Co. Since January 2019, this formerly family-owned business in the third generation is part of the Nowy Styl Group. They develop individual seating and interior design solutions geared towards future-oriented contract environments. They live and breathe high quality and a passion for design. Through its revamped portfolio, Kusch+Co not only reacts to the changes of the modern working world, but also to the new standards in the healthcare industry and to the current requirements in airports and transit sites. The co-operation with upcoming and renowned designers is an integral part of the corporate culture at Kusch+Co, and forms the bedrock of their expanding portfolio, which comprises several award-winning series.



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