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Mediainformation  Rossoacoustic

10. August 2015

Acoustic comfort

The new Rossoacoustic PADs are not only extremely graceful but also highly efficient sound absorbers.

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"Light meets acoustics" – this motto stands for the growing together of the Nimbus (light) and Rosso (acoustics) brands in high-quality architecture, in particular in modern open-plan offices. The Nimbus Group from Stuttgart has now developed a new acoustically highly effective ceiling and wall system: the Rossoacoustic PADs. They are lightweight, visually appealing sound absorbers in the highest sound absorption class and they can also be combined with Nimbus LED luminaires. The result is a palpable improvement in acoustic comfort in a harmonious working environment.

A holistically planned office plays a major role in creating a sense of well-being, a fact that is especially true for people working in open-plan office who frequently suffer from high levels of noise. This is an issue that has occupied the Nimbus Group for ten years now – and it has developed numerous solutions under its Rosso and Rossoacoustic brands aimed at creating a pleasant acoustic working environment.

Significant improvement in room acoustics

In its new Rossoacoustic PADs, the enterprise is now presenting a new type of solution that can be either suspended from the ceiling or fastened to the wall. The lightweight, circular or rectangular acoustic elements are available in various muted colours or plain white. Being sound absorbers in the highest sound absorption classes, they make a significant contribution to improving room acoustics and effectively counteract acoustically hard surfaces. At just a few millimetres thick, they come across as extremely graceful when suspended from the ceiling.

Planners pursuing a holistic approach are also enthusiastic about another special feature of the new absorbers: due to their formal structure, Rossoacoustic PADs can be harmoniously combined with Nimbus LED lighting systems. Should you so wish, you can obtain a suitable lighting and acoustics solution from a single source, so to speak.

Materiality, colours, and aesthetics

Thanks to their fabric surface – a special acoustic fleece with an embossed texture – Rossoacoustic PADs make a soft impression; an intended contrast to the surfaces in modern architecture, which are usually acoustically hard. At the same time, the eye is surprised by the air of precision exuded by the individual acoustic elements, which are available in circular or rectangular versions of varying dimensions.

They can be suspended from graceful steel wires or fastened to the wall like an abstract painting. The latter option is a perfect alternative when Rossoacoustic PADs are used in buildings whose ceilings are the subject of a preservation order. In both application situations, the elements convey the impression of floating lightness and lend the interior something of a playful touch.

Dietrich F. Brennenstuhl, architect, founder and CEO of the Nimbus Group, knows what is important to planners: "Due to the similarity in their appearance, Rossoacoustic PADs open up a great many design options that always create a homogenous look on any ceiling – whether freely arranged or positioned in a strict pattern," he explains. Moreover, the elements can be used to accentuate specific zones in a room as well as to create individual rooms with the six available natural colours – including grey dawn (light grey), far mountain (blue) or yellow field (yellow).

Formal quotations - holistic planning

In terms of form, the characteristic soft embossing of Rosso-acoustic PADs is reminiscent of the design of the Nimbus LED luminaires – this similarity was created to enable planners a harmonious light-acoustics solution in their projects.

Stuttgart, August 2015.
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About Rossoacoustic

An architectural brand, a creative head at the helm and innovative products for the design of living and working environments – this is what Nimbus stands for. In February 2019, Häfele acquired one hundred percent of the enterprise. Nimbus founder Dietrich Brennenstuhl will remain active in the management of the company at its present location in Stuttgart and will continue to be responsible for innovations, development and design of the product portfolio. Besides high-quality LED lighting systems and battery powered, cableless luminaires, Nimbus also provides modular, acoustically-effective partitioning and shading systems.

"Light Meets Acoustics" is the claim coined by Nimbus to describe its extensive product range and its holistic approaches, which are realised in both private residences and in the project business.