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Mediainformation  Rossoacoustic

7. Juni 2016

More room for creativity

An advertising agency creates additional attractive workplaces in the existing space thanks to Rossoacoustic.

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Creativity flourishes best in an environment that allows colleagues to exchange ideas while also ensuring the necessary levels of peace and concentration. This can only be achieved if workplaces have been well designed. Ideal working conditions that encourage creative thought processes are also important to the Karlsruhe advertising agency Sense&Image, a full-service agency.

Growth in the number of employees presented the management with the challenge of creating additional workplaces on the existing premises. This called for creative space solutions that made the most effective use of all areas of the office.

Light, flexible and acoustically effective

The only space available to create additional workplaces was in the inner corridor surrounded by glazed group offices. However, the modern exposed concrete walls and the expansive glass fronts would present a problem for the room acoustics. What is more, with all of the employees regularly passing through this area, it seemed that those seated there would have difficulty concentrating on their work.

The solution was provided by the Rossoacoustic room-partitioning system developed in Stuttgart by the Nimbus Group in close collaboration with the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics. The system consists of versatile, acoustically effective, featherweight panels that can be used to create individual working islands. No tools are required.

Working without disturbance while maximising space utilisation

The fabric panels were used to create quiet, self-contained working islands for six employees. They consist of the TP30 basic module, which is available in various formats and colours, and the translucent CP30 element. Its very fine honeycomb structure reduces reverberation time, has a sound-shielding effect and creates a private sphere without isolating employees from one another. As Eckart Blau, managing director of Sense&Image happily reports: "Although we have a high level of space utilisation, our new employees are able to work undisturbed."

Individual motifs

Besides being fascinated by its acoustic effectiveness, users also appreciate the individual design options offered by Rossoacoustic TP30. The fabrics are manufactured using an innovative CAD-controlled knitting process that not only produces perfectly fitting, seamless covers free of any deformation but also allows customised solutions.

The Sense&Image advertising agency therefore had its own designs knitted onto the Rossoacoustic panels. A special internal creative competition was held to come up with motifs of graphically abstracted landscapes in order to give an artistic touch to the room acoustics concept and turn it into a central design element. "We could not be more satisfied with the results," sums up Eckart Blau.

Stuttgart, June 2016
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About Rossoacoustic

An architectural brand, a creative head at the helm and innovative products for the design of living and working environments – this is what Nimbus stands for. In February 2019, Häfele acquired one hundred percent of the enterprise. Nimbus founder Dietrich Brennenstuhl will remain active in the management of the company at its present location in Stuttgart and will continue to be responsible for innovations, development and design of the product portfolio. Besides high-quality LED lighting systems and battery powered, cableless luminaires, Nimbus also provides modular, acoustically-effective partitioning and shading systems.

"Light Meets Acoustics" is the claim coined by Nimbus to describe its extensive product range and its holistic approaches, which are realised in both private residences and in the project business.