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5. November 2018


New cover, new core: the acoustically effective Rossoacoustic TP30 Silence room partitioning system has been completely overhauled and enhanced.

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The Rossoacoustic TP30 Silence acoustically effective panel makes a light and vibrant impression in the new colour "Far Mountain". The great stability and unmatched low weight of the acoustic panel enable fast repositioning and simple alteration of room layouts. Photo: Nimbus Group
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Rossoacoustic acoustically effective room partitioning systems are already being used in many open-plan offices and agencies. Designers and users alike are excited by their simple, modular design, their lightness and their flexibility. But above all, the panels succeed in creating a balanced acoustic environment: surrounding noises are attenuated, making it much easier for employees to concentrate on their work. The Nimbus Group has now once again considerably improved its fabric-covered and acoustically effective Rossoacoustic TP Silence system: with a new core and new colours inspired by nature. The new design of the Rossoacoustic TP30 room partitioning system, which has proved so popular and successful in office planning, literally goes right to the core. It has been on the market since October 2018 and has been given the distinguished suffix Rossoacoustic TP30 "Silence".


The sound-absorbing honeycomb core has been completely modified. In contrast to the original version, the structure now consists of three instead of two layers of acoustic fleece and is surrounded on the outside by a covering fleece. Both the sound-shielding and sound-absorbing characteristics have been improved. "This construction also increases the product's stability and gives the TP30 panel an unmatched lightness," according to Dietrich F. Brennenstuhl, CEO of the Nimbus Group. With its Rossoacoustic brand, the Nimbus Group has specialised in modular acoustics solutions for over 20 years now. Not only do the panels create a pleasant environment, they can also be mounted, changed around or temporarily moved and adapted to new room layouts in just a few steps.

The new core has also received a new cover: inspired by nature, nine colours have been added to the palette of the Rossoacoustic TP30 Silence. In terms of colour scheme, the panels can now be harmoniously combined with the other Rossoacoustic products: the Rossoacoustic Pads, ceiling elements or the transparent and translucent CP30 panels.


The Nimbus Group has already implemented integrated light and acoustics solutions in a large number of projects. High-quality lighting and lighting design for projects are the company's core competencies under its Nimbus brand, which perfectly complements its Rossoacoustic range. As Dietrich F. Brennenstuhl, architect and CEO of the Nimbus Group explains: "Offering both tailor-made lighting and acoustics design for specific projects from a single source makes sense and is very much appreciated by our customers." This year the Nimbus Group launched the Lighting Pad, the first product to combine lighting with acoustic effectiveness: the Lighting Pad is suspended from the ceiling by graceful steel wires and can also be harmoniously combined with the Rossoacoustic TP30 Silence.


In its role as a specialist for acoustics solutions focusing on shielding and speech intelligibility, the Nimbus Group offers its own acoustic measurements under its Rossoacoustic brand. Rossoacoustic can also help to realise professional 3D room planning based on the pCon.planner planning software. The Nimbus Group has a great deal of experience in the field of room acoustics, and this forms the basis for the guaranteed promise that the quality of acoustics – as calculated or measured – is also actually realised.

For additional information on the Rossoacoustic brand, go to:

About Rossoacoustic

An architectural brand, a creative head at the helm and innovative products for the design of living and working environments – this is what Nimbus stands for. In February 2019, Häfele acquired one hundred percent of the enterprise. Nimbus founder Dietrich Brennenstuhl will remain active in the management of the company at its present location in Stuttgart and will continue to be responsible for innovations, development and design of the product portfolio. Besides high-quality LED lighting systems and battery powered, cableless luminaires, Nimbus also provides modular, acoustically-effective partitioning and shading systems.

"Light Meets Acoustics" is the claim coined by Nimbus to describe its extensive product range and its holistic approaches, which are realised in both private residences and in the project business.





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