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Mediainformation  SATTLER

19. April 2018

Individual Light Compositions

Favo by SATTLER Revolutionizes the Illumination of Curated Areas

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Favo is an innovative and intuitively controlled lighting system for areas with varied uses and is based on the idea of a “cluster luminaire“. Favo‘s core structure emulates a honeycomb and stretches like a net of light points which can be controlled flexibly and as needed. State-of-the-art LED technology guarantees the maximum quality of light and can be controlled by simple swipes on a tablet. Favo Light Net enables highly individual lighting scenarios from spot light to area light. Favo Light Cell is a variant of this product line and was designed for stationary lighting requirements. Favo Light Cell can only be controlled as one unit. SATTLER has premiered both versions of the versatile Favo system at the Light + Building 2018 exhibition.

Based on a concept of blocher partners SATTLER has developed the Favo lighting system together with the Stuttgart-based architecture and design firm. Favo is ideal for areas with frequently changing requirements for lighting, for example presentation environments, stores or showrooms and museums.

“Favo creates a structure of light which enables demand-based precision control of the lighting ambience for numerous applications“, as Managing Director Ulrich Sattler describes his company‘s novelty.

Lighting Ambience Can Be Adapted Easily and Efficiently

The most important factor for the presentation of display and promotion areas is frequent change. When exchanging the promoted products and objects or when switching to a new event format, the lighting requirements usually change, too. Favo Light Net facilitates the adaptation and optimization of the lighting ambience in a particularly easy and efficient way: It is not necessary to make any changes to the installation after putting it into operation and the lighting can be configured on a tablet by simple swipes, thus enabling adaptations to changing requirements at any time.

The Honeycomb as Base Design Element

A poetic light effect with a rational concept behind it: The hexagonal honeycomb is Favo’s core structure. Its name has also been derived from it: Favo is Italian and means honeycomb. The idea behind it is that the smallest unit creates and shapes the entire structure. Static and electronic connectors facilitate the quick and safe assembly of the light components which are made of thermoplastic die-cast with high-quality look and feel. The LED light heads are positioned on the nodes.

Favo Light Net

The Favo lighting system is available in two product lines. Favo Light Net has been developed for large-scale scenarios - such as curated areas in retail - and has flexible controls. The light heads on the nodes are each fitted with three LEDs. These possess the characteristics of an 18° spot and emit the light on the side at an angle of 30°. As every single LED can be controlled and dimmed by the specifically developed control system, a multitude of illumination options is possible. The tilted position of the three LEDs in the light head and their arrangement on the hexagonal structure enable fully lit areas as well as strongly directed light in order to spotlight specific objects. “Constantly changing requirements are met with individual light compositions“, say Jürgen Gaiser and Alexander Rybol of blocher partners.

Favo Light Cell

Favo Light Cell has been designed for stationary lighting requirements, such as entrance and conference areas as well as meeting rooms. Furthermore, architectonic forms and objects can be emphasised and interpreted as extensive structures with Favo Light Cell. In such ambiences, Favo Light Cell displays its magnificent effect due to its fixed and individualized shape as lighting object. It can be switched and controlled as one unit. Each light head has one LED with a lens, emitting the light directly downwards, with a beam angle of 12°. Supplementary lenses enable a beam angle of 17° or 26° and can be easily retrofitted via a snap system.


SATTLER is a family business located in Göppingen, Germany, which is managed in the second and third generation by Ulrich Sattler and his son, Sven Sattler. As a manufacturer of sculptural luminaires of extremely high-quality detail from design to production, the company enjoys an excellent international reputation. SATTLER luminaires are coveted interior items for foyers, shops and malls as well as prestigious residential buildings and executive suites all over the world. “The true greatness of our products is in the detail”, is the company owners’ creed, which also concisely summarizes SATTLER’s quality and design standards. 

SATTLER has been awarded numerous design and innovation prizes for their pioneering products such as the iF Design Award, the Red Dot Design Award and the Focus Open Gold Award. The most recent prize in 2019 has been the German Design Award. 

In January 2015, SATTLER moved into a new corporate building, which was designed by the Stuttgart-based architectural firm Rolf Loew and furnished by Raiserlopes.






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