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Mediainformation  Kusch+Co

13. Februar 2020

Veggie 2.0 – the deep green canteen

Kusch+Co furnishes the first entirely vegan canteen in Berlin Charlottenburg. This student restaurant is a trailblazer in the field of high-quality vegan cuisine combined with an upmarket seating quality.

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Sticking to a vegan diet doesn’t mean one has to lower their sights. Neither with regard to good food nor with regard to the aesthetics in restaurants. The “Veggie 2.0 – the deep green canteen”, located on the premises of the Technical University in the Berliner Hardenbergstraße, provides convincing proof thereof. Its name should not be mistaken for a political statement, neither does it describe the dominant colour of the interior design. In fact, the deep green canteen adopts the successful concept of its predecessor – the vegetarian student restaurant “Veggie N° 1 – the green canteen” at the Free University Berlin – however with the added zest of going all vegan.

Berlin Green Canteen offers an upmarket seating quality

It is always wise to use superlatives sparingly – however, for this Charlottenburg-based project, it is more than fitting to use them. After all, this new canteen is only the second of its kind in Germany, and a trailblazer in vegan cuisine for students. Also in the field of comfort, the Berlin “Green Canteen” stands out above many others. Following the redesign by the Berlin architect’s office n|vier architekten, the former rather sterile and function-oriented university cafeteria was transformed into a light-flooded meeting place characterized by a friendly, inviting atmosphere. Right next to the entrance, alongside a large floor-to-ceiling window, a lounge configuration welcomes the visitors. On the left, the canteen features a trendy café bar serving freshly made smoothies. Followed by the kitchen as well as the food counter. At the rear of the canteen, the bright approx. 153 m² dining area can seat up to 120 guests.

Kusch+Co contributes to the revitalization of the interior design

Through a clear, unambiguous layout, the architects ensure that the different areas do not interfere with each other. They also incorporated earthy colour tones, authentic materials as well as measures to improve the room acoustics with the aim of creating a cozy and laid-back atmosphere. Thanks to the use of real oak for the bar counter in combination with the long bench along the glass façade, the rooms exude well-being and personality. Especially the upmarket seating from the Kusch+Co collection played a seminal role in the successful execution of this wellthought-out revitalization concept: the comfy lounge armchair Lupino, Design by Norbert Geelen and winner of the 2019 German Design Award, are stylishly paired with the matching san_siro tables, adding to the canteen’s elegant vibes. The uni_verso bar stools were selected for the counter area, adding the perfect finishing touch to the friendly, highly functional interior design.

Brigitte Neudahm, interior architect at n vier: “We have been working with Kusch+Co for many years now. Their products excel in quality and are geared towards the use in contract environments. Their designs hold a refreshing and modern appeal, and as a result, they are suited for a wide variety of distinct environments.” On top of this, Kusch+Co together with a partner company has the technical know-how to tailor its products to individual wishes through bespoke seating variations: for instance, small stools and 4-seater benches, featuring high armrests with rounded edges that ensure more intimacy for the guests. In case you are wondering, why a vegan restaurant is adorned with leather-covered seating – you may rest assured that it is synthetic leather!

About Kusch+Co


In order to stay fit for the future, companies have to be able to adapt and reinvent themselves over and over again – this credo also applies to Kusch+Co. Since January 2019, this formerly family-owned business in the third generation is part of the Nowy Styl Group. They develop individual seating and interior design solutions geared towards future-oriented contract environments. They live and breathe high quality and a passion for design. Through its revamped portfolio, Kusch+Co not only reacts to the changes of the modern working world, but also to the new standards in the healthcare industry and to the current requirements in airports and transit sites. The co-operation with upcoming and renowned designers is an integral part of the corporate culture at Kusch+Co, and forms the bedrock of their expanding portfolio, which comprises several award-winning series.



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