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Mediainformation  Rossoacoustic

25. April 2017

Individual lighting and acoustics solutions from a single source

Nimbus Group fits out "Die Diekers" in Oldenburg

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"Die Diekers" optician

"Die Diekers" optician's in Oldenburg's pedestrian zone has been given a facelift: the Nimbus group has created an exciting contrast in the store with acoustically effective Rossoacoustic Pads and perfectly coordinated LED luminaires. Suspended above the displays, both elements hover at different heights, thus spreading a light, graceful atmosphere as a visual counterpart to the store's fittings.

Besides having the contrast provided by the pads and luminaires, the clients also wanted to be able to control the light by simply using their mobile devices to call up various lighting scenarios. Nimbus's Light Control system is based on Casambi, the sector standard, and allows convenient control of the LED project luminaires, whereby, in combination with the app, a smartphone or tablet becomes an individual control centre. Furthermore, at the press of a button this Bluetooth wireless technology enables users to create various lighting scenarios to match specific lighting requirements.

The round suspended Modul R 900 Project LED luminaires are joined by Modul Q 36 TT spots designed for the displays as well as by Modul L 196 and Modul L 196 Sequence 2 suspended luminaires. They set particular accents in the display.

Conceived to match the suspended luminaire in terms of form, 600 mm and 900 mm round acoustic elements from the Rossoacoustic Pad R range round off the design of the showroom. These acoustically effective pads play a major role in creating a feeling of well-being and a pleasant sales atmosphere. Properties such as reduced reverberation times and sound absorption are particularly important in rooms where a lot of people are holding conversations and asking for advice.

The elements in the Rossoacoustic PAD product family consist of two basic forms, each of which comes in three sizes, thereby allowing a wide variety of applications and combinations. With acoustic or design requirements in mind, the required absorber surface can be achieved by combining smaller elements as well as by using larger Rossoacoustic PADs. The thickness of the front fleece, the edge design and the pattern of the soft embossing are identical across all shapes and sizes, thereby allowing consistent design and a wide variety of compositions. A finely nuanced colour range is available for the Rossoacoustic PADs. Besides a warm white, users have a choice of six harmonious natural colours that allow perfectly coordinated colour combinations.

The improvement in speech intelligibility and reduction in reverberation coupled with optimum glare-free lighting result in a unique quality of interior design that led proprietor Stefan Dieker to enthuse: "Our expectations have been exceeded both in terms of the new fittings and the design." Kerstin Rost from the Walther Schumacher firm of interior architects in Oldenburg added: "An exciting atmosphere has been generated by the interplay between the clear-cut design of the luminaires and the listed façade of the building, which is beautifully showcased in the evening hours in particular."

The building at a glance

Use: Sales and presentation room
Client: Eva and Stefan Dieker
Architect: Walther Schumacher GmbH, Oldenburg
Nimbus & Rosso products:
Modul R 900 Project, Modul Q 36 TT,
Modul L 196, L Modul 196 Sequence 2,
Rossoacoustic Pad R 600,
Rossoacoustic Pad R 900
Realisation: 2016

About Rossoacoustic

An architectural brand, a creative head at the helm and innovative products for the design of living and working environments – this is what Nimbus stands for. In February 2019, Häfele acquired one hundred percent of the enterprise. Nimbus founder Dietrich Brennenstuhl will remain active in the management of the company at its present location in Stuttgart and will continue to be responsible for innovations, development and design of the product portfolio. Besides high-quality LED lighting systems and battery powered, cableless luminaires, Nimbus also provides modular, acoustically-effective partitioning and shading systems.

"Light Meets Acoustics" is the claim coined by Nimbus to describe its extensive product range and its holistic approaches, which are realised in both private residences and in the project business.