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Mediainformation  Kusch+Co

7. August 2019

Privacy and comfort  

Kusch+Co has refurnished Terminal 2 at Frankfurt Airport with new airport benches, offering passengers more comfort and a certain degree of privacy.

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In the waiting area of Frankfurt Airport, Terminal 2, passengers can now enjoy a certain degree of privacy as well as an outstanding comfort level – thanks to the new seating from Kusch+Co. The company has fitted out all of the waiting areas with its bench series 8000 (Design by Studio F. A. Porsche) – a total of 6,500 seat units were replaced. Kusch+Co’s reference list includes over 260 international airports, and the company enjoys a worldwide reputation as an expert for upmarket seating in contract environments.

Frankfurt Airport is the largest airport in Germany, and serves as a major global aviation hub. In this capacity, it sets new standards. All solutions that are implemented here provide a benchmark for all other airports, and introduce new trends. Take the refurbishment of Terminal 2 for instance, where all the benches in the waiting area have been renewed.

In contrast to the building’s minimalist and purpose-oriented architecture dominated by the materials glass, stainless steel as well as stone floors, the goal was to create an inviting atmosphere that caters towards the passengers’ natural desire for well-being, comfort and a feeling of security. Within the framework of the modernisation, the airport wished to renew their seating.

The upscale design and colour concept adds just the right touch to the terminal.

There were many good reasons to opt for the waiting bench series 8000 by Kusch+Co, a German company that has made a name for itself by furnishing more than 260 airports in over 60 countries all over the world. These upmarket benches are designed by the creative heads at Studio F. A. Porsche. The seat shells are covered in three different brown hues, creating a pleasantly relaxing, yet varied colour scheme. The outcome is a welcoming environment where everyone feels at ease.

Through the clever design, each seat is clearly delineated, guaranteeing everyone’s privacy. The PRM seat, geared towards persons with a disability, are integrated in the normal benches with the aim of achieving the much-desired inclusion. Table tops and power modules complete the functionalities, offering the waiting passengers the possibility to charge their mobile phones, tablets and laptops during their stay. In order to provide the best possible comfort, the airport had to reroute some of the wiring and make some core drills, but the result was certainly worth the effort. Following the installation of round about 6,500 seat units – all the work was carried out at night without disturbing the normal airport operations – Terminal 2 shines in a new splendor, creating an appealing atmosphere where passengers are happy to wait for their flights.

About Kusch+Co


In order to stay fit for the future, companies have to be able to adapt and reinvent themselves over and over again – this credo also applies to Kusch+Co. Since January 2019, this formerly family-owned business in the third generation is part of the Nowy Styl Group. They develop individual seating and interior design solutions geared towards future-oriented contract environments. They live and breathe high quality and a passion for design. Through its revamped portfolio, Kusch+Co not only reacts to the changes of the modern working world, but also to the new standards in the healthcare industry and to the current requirements in airports and transit sites. The co-operation with upcoming and renowned designers is an integral part of the corporate culture at Kusch+Co, and forms the bedrock of their expanding portfolio, which comprises several award-winning series.



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