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Mediainformation  SATTLER

24. September 2019

A floating piece of light art

SATTLER used a single rod luminaire in light sculptures that now poetically
and dynamically brighten up the new company headquarters of Prinzing.

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Prinzing Elektrotechnik GmbH in Eislingen near Stuttgart represents high-quality craftsmanship in electrical engineering solutions. SATTLER located in Göppingen impressively equipped the building of its new headquarters with the Palito pendant luminaire. The light rods seem to be floating above the foyer, nearly as high as the building itself, as well as in the staff canteen, where they can unfold their full effect as a room object.

A little industrial charm, brick walls on the outside and inside, bright, open, with a high-quality claim and the innovation power of modern crafts – this is the message conveyed by the new company headquarters of Prinzing Elektrotechnik GmbH in Eislingen, about 50 km from Stuttgart. Visitors enter the building through a narrow, tunnel-like entrance that is pleasantly lit with a bright luminous ceiling element. Beyond it, the foyer soars upwards with a grand gesture, flooded by plenty of natural light. Visitors will feel as if entering an urban square here, with various areas, comfortable sitting corners, opportunities for informal exchange, coffee or simply to let their thoughts roam. I wanted to build something unusual,“ explains Volker Prinzing, Managing Director at Prinzing Elektrotechnik GmbH. „I want employees to enter the building and be comfortable. Communication is essential today.This is why we wanted to give employees many opportunities to meet. Since we claim a certain unique selling point on the market, our main administrative building was to be particularly beautiful and representative.“ Presenting this ambience was the task posed to Ulrich Sattler and his team at SATTLER based in Göppingen.

Diverse design solutions with a single luminaire type

There surely would have been many possible ways of handling the light design for this space. „However,“ Ulrich Sattler enthuses, „we found the most inspiring solution for this fantastic interior in our Palito pendant luminaire. With it, we create entire pieces of light art, customised to emphasize the individual meaning of a room.“ The timeless design of the Palito pendant luminaire was developed in cooperation with renowned designer Michael Schmidt from code2design in Ostfildern, also located near Stuttgart.

It basically comprises a rod asymmetrically suspended from a cable. This luminaire rod contains sophisticated lighting technology with high-quality LEDs. A knurled thumb screw positions the pendant luminaire via an integrated, precisely adjustable counter-weight, either perfectly horizontally or deliberately inclined.

Dynamics and freedom from Palito mobiles

Ulrich Sattler made use of these options when designing the luminaire mobile in the impressive five-storied Prinzing foyer. Grouped in various locations around the room, the individual elegant luminaires suspended from the very top of the ceiling appear as kinetic mobiles with suspensions creating deliberate dynamics and a sense of freedom in order to stage the semi-public space at the heart of the building in a spacious and poetic manner.
In order to support this effect even further, SATTLER developed and implemented an oversized version of the Palito luminaire for the foyer. The colour of its brushed surface forms a harmonious unit with the strong, warm tone of the clinker bricks rarely found in Southern Germany, and the natural grey of the stone flooring.

From light sculpture to surface arrangement

Accompanied by a silently murmuring rivulet of water in which the in-house koi fish swim their circles, the path leads from the foyer to the staff canteen and café. SATTLER and Prinzing used the Palito luminaire in this area as well. However, they replaced the kinetic mobile with a diverse surface arrangement. Just as in the big foyer, the suspended luminaires make for a slight, barely tangible play of light that changes the lighting mood in the rooms minimally every now and then. Reaching up far enough allows visitors to change the inclination of the luminaires with the thumb screw. Individualism knows barely any bounds here. About 280 employees at Prinzing‘s site in Eislingen - in total, Prinzing has eight locations with a total of about 700 employees - are happy about the high-quality and modern lighting that keeps showing up with new surprises.


SATTLER is a family business located in Göppingen, Germany, which is managed in the second and third generation by Ulrich Sattler and his son, Sven Sattler. As a manufacturer of sculptural luminaires of extremely high-quality detail from design to production, the company enjoys an excellent international reputation. SATTLER luminaires are coveted interior items for foyers, shops and malls as well as prestigious residential buildings and executive suites all over the world. “The true greatness of our products is in the detail”, is the company owners’ creed, which also concisely summarizes SATTLER’s quality and design standards. 

SATTLER has been awarded numerous design and innovation prizes for their pioneering products such as the iF Design Award, the Red Dot Design Award and the Focus Open Gold Award. The most recent prize in 2019 has been the German Design Award. 

In January 2015, SATTLER moved into a new corporate building, which was designed by the Stuttgart-based architectural firm Rolf Loew and furnished by Raiserlopes.






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