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24. Juli 2019

The interior architect Claudia Wald has created a working environment that is as inspiring as it is quiet using products from the Rossoacoustic range.

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The k15t software development team works in this clearly structured room. The designer (Claudia Wald, Mori Space) placed particular importance on good room acoustics. Rossoacoustic Pads, suspended from the ceiling at different heights, were one factor in realising this aim. Photo: Nikolaus Grünwald, GerlingenLight and acoustics in harmonious interaction. The acoustically effective Rossoacoustic Pads create highlights on the ceiling with their colour and design, and influence the overall impression made by the room. Photo: Nikolaus Grünwald, GerlingenSuspended from the ceiling at different heights and in different colours, the Rossoacoustic Pads introduce a casual note to the otherwise severe character of the conference room while also creating an acoustically pleasant atmosphere. Photo: Nikolaus Grünwald, GerlingenTranslucent yet still acoustically effective: that is the outstanding quality of the Rossoacoustic CP30 room-dividing and partition wall system, which was used in one of the k15t conference rooms as a border to the open office. Photo: Nikolaus Grünwald, Gerlingen

Over 1500 workers once produced clothing in the factory buildings in the Kübler Areal in Stuttgart. The historic buildings in the east of the city have now been given a new lease of life: numerous creative businesses as well as artists and cultural organisations have moved into the complex. One of them is k15t, an up-and-coming firm of software developers. In the Mori Space firm of interior architects from Stuttgart, the enterprise found the perfect partner to take an entire floor of a former factory measuring 500 square metres and adapt it to the company's needs.


The interior architect Claudia Wald from Mori Space (Stuttgart) designed the individual, light-filled workplaces in a quiet atmosphere. As the expert explains: "Our job was to bring this cool factory space back to life and transform it into an open-space office that caters for all aspects of modern workflows." The client wanted versatile and agile working areas as Claudia Wald opted for these products on the grounds of their special aesthetic properties, functionality and versatility. "Room acoustics measures on the ceiling and walls create a quiet atmosphere in which staff are able to concentrate," says the designer. She complemented yellow luminaires with white, grey and – in the conference rooms – blue Pads. "How we work and in what kind of environment have an influence on our well-being and creativity." That is the expert's conviction that led to her creating the perfect environment for k15t.

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Nimbus has belonged to the Häfele Group since 2019. Located in Nagold, the internationally operating specialist for furniture fittings and lighting is indispensable for furniture production and the carpentry trade, while the Stuttgart-based Nimbus Group is held in high regard in the architecture sector. Two target groups, two different worlds. And yet they have come together and boast a broad joint portfolio of lighting systems for rooms and furniture as well as integrated lighting and acoustics solutions. Product development in the fields of light and acoustics is centred in Stuttgart.


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