What do we do?

We are an agency for communication and press work in Stuttgart specializing in architecture and design. We see our focus in the area of sustainable design and construction. We use our more than 20 years of experience in the architecture and construction industry, to get our customers talking and to achieve verifiable reach - print and digital.

If necessary, we support our media communication with target group-specific media planning. We use our knowledge to create website texts (SEO-compliant) or content for print media for our customers. In addition, we offer content for social media such as LinkedIn, Instagram or Facebook. If you are still looking for the right oneare communication channels, we are at your side as strategic consultants.

We are your competent and reliable partner for high-quality press work in the areas of design, interior,Interior Design, Interior Design and Architecture

We have specialized in the creation of first-class press releases, press releases and press information.
With a focus on design, interiors, interior architecture, furnishing and architecture, we support companies, journalists, Press representatives, editors, reporters and professionals to communicate their messages effectively and reach their target groups.

Our activities include:

Preparation of press releases:
We prepare concise and informative press releases that cover the latest developments, projects and Covering design, interiors, interior design, interior design and architecture news. Our press releases are aimed at to appeal to a broad readership and at the same time to be easily found in the search engines. We optimize our texts specifically for search engines, to achieve higher visibility in search results.

Press release writing:
We create powerful press releases that help companies to present their news and developments. Whether it's launching new products, attending events or the Publication of studies and reports - our press releases are technically well-founded and written for specific target groups. With search engine optimized processing, we ensure that your press releases are found and read by the relevant target groups.

Preparation of comprehensive press releases:
We offer detailed press releases that include background information, Deliver expert opinions and extensive information on specific topics in the fields of design, interiors, interior architecture, furnishing and architecture. Our press releases are designed to provide experts, journalists and interested parties with comprehensive information. By using relevant search terms we help to ensure that your press releases are easily found in the search engines.

As an experienced press agency, we understand the importance of targeted and strategic press work. We use proven PR techniques and rely on search engine-friendly text optimization to achieve optimal visibility of your content. Our texts are understandable, appealing and at the same time technically sound in order to appeal to both journalists and experts.
Convince yourself of our press agency bering* in order to benefit from our expertise in the areas of design, interior design, Interior design and architecture to benefit. Together we develop a tailor-made PR strategy, to spread your messages effectively and to address your target groups in a targeted manner.

Press work

Press work is an important part of corporate communication and serves to provide relevant information about a company, to place its products, services or events in the media.
Successful press work requires specialist knowledge and a strategic approach.
Some important aspects of PR work are:

Target group analysis:
A thorough analysis of the target groups is the starting point for successful press work. It is important to understand who the relevant target groups are, which media they consume and which topics and content interest them. This allows targeted messages to be developed and forwarded to the right media channels.

Clear communication strategy:
A clear communication strategy determines which goals are to be achieved with press work should and how the messages are conveyed. It is important to identify the core messages of the company or organization and ensure that they are communicated uniformly and consistently in all communication channels.

Relevant content:
Press releases and press releases should provide relevant and interesting content that is relevant to the target groups and the media are of interest. The information should be clearly structured and present the most important information first. It's important to do the content well research and back it up with facts and figures to increase credibility.

Targeted media contact:
Good press work requires ongoing maintenance of media contacts. It's important to have a list relevant media and journalists and to regularly provide them with relevant information. Media contact should be personal and individual, to engage journalists and encourage positive reporting.

Press releases and press releases:
Press releases and press releases are the most common tools used in press work. They should be concise, understandable and well structured. News value should be prominently displayed to attract media interest. It's important to use relevant keywords to improve search engine discoverability.

Crisis communication:
Crisis communication is an important part of press work. Companies should take appropriate measures in advance and develop strategies to be prepared for potential crisis situations. Transparent and open communication in times of crisis is crucial, to maintain media and public confidence.

Success measurement:
The effectiveness of press work should be measured and evaluated regularly. This can be done using various key figures such as media reach, number of publications, positive coverage and media mentions. The knowledge gained can be used to continuously optimize press work and improve results.

Successful press work requires time, commitment and specialist knowledge. It is advisable to use the support of an experienced press agency, to ensure effective and professional press work.

Preparation of press releases, press releases and press information

When preparing press releases, press releases and press releases, it is important to follow a few basic principles to ensure that the information is clear, engaging and relevant to the target audience. Some important aspects to consider when creating this press kit are taken into account:

Clarity and conciseness:
Press releases, press releases and press information should be written in clear and concise language.
It is important to get the relevant information straight to the point and avoid unnecessary technical terms or superfluous information. A clear one Structuring the text with a concise headline and a meaningful introduction is crucial to pique the reader's interest.

Press kits should have clear news value to capture media interest. It is important to place the relevant facts and news prominently and to emphasize their importance for the target group. The press documents should offer added value and stand out from pure advertising messages.

When creating press documents, it is important to keep the target group in mind. The information should be tailored to the interests and needs of journalists and readers. It is advisable to take the perspective of engage the audience and consider why this information is relevant to them.

Complex information should be prepared in such a way that it is easy to understand. Technical terms should be explained or avoided be as far as possible. It is important to use clear and accessible language to ensure that the information is widely understood be understood by the audience.

Accurate and verifiable information:
Press materials should be based on accurate and verifiable information. Facts should be thorough researched and, if necessary, substantiated by references to sources. Correctness and reliability are crucial for the credibility of the information.

Media friendliness:
Press documents should be media-friendly. This includes the provision of high-quality image material, Logos and contact details for more information. It is important to provide the information in a format that easily fits into editorial processes of the media can be integrated.

Timing and Timeliness:
Press materials should be provided at the right time to attract the greatest possible attention. It is important to keep an eye on current trends and developments in the industry and to communicate relevant information in a timely manner.

The preparation of press releases, press releases and press information requires care, planning and the ability to find the relevant information to get to the point.
By considering the above, companies can ensure that their press materials are effective and generate the desired attention in the media.

Our service for the press

In order to give the press easy access to press topics, we have set up a "Press Lounge" service area on our website.
This online portal offers editors the convenient and fast way to download press releases and images on various topics. Journalists can access the current press releases that we have created for our customers.

Our press and public relations work

We offer extensive, individual support in press and public relations as well as cooperation with experienced PR partners in Europe and North America.
Our more than 20 years of experience in the design sector and in medium-sized industry as well as connections to the relevant institutions support to profile our customers to the outside world and to get them talking.

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