Design + Innovation

Our press agency specializes in providing first-class press releases, press information, press releases and press texts. Our expertise lies in the key areas Design + Innovation.
In the area of Design + Innovation we offer understandable press releases, press information, press releases and technical texts, to inform and inspire business, journalists, members of the press, editors, reporters and professionals.

Our press releases, press information and press releases in the area of Design + Innovation include the following topics:

Design Thinking and Innovation Processes:
Our texts illuminate the innovation process, from brainstorming through concept development to implementation. We present methods and tools used in the design of innovative solutions.We explain the basics of design thinking, a creative and solution-oriented approach to developing new ideas and innovations.

Product and industrial design:
We present inspiring examples of product and industrial design that stand out through innovative design, functionality and aesthetics. Our texts deal with topics such as choice of materials, sustainability, user-centricity and ergonomic design. We show how to create unique design products and creates value for businesses and consumers.

Design and sustainability:
We shed light on the connection between design and sustainability and show how innovative design solutions can contribute to ecological and social to tackle challenges. Our texts deal with topics such as ecological materials, resource-saving production, circular economy and social innovation. We present projects that show how design can make a positive contribution to sustainability.

We offer tailor-made solutions for companies, designers, innovators, start-ups and other industry players. Our content may be placed in trade journals, online media, blogs, innovation platforms and other publications to maximize Achieve range and visibility.