Exhibition constructions

Our press agency specializes in providing first-class press releases, press information, press releases and press texts. Our expertise lies in the key areas of exhibition constructions.
In the area of exhibition constructions, we offer understandable press releases, press information, press releases and technical texts, to inform and inspire business, journalists, members of the press, editors, reporters and professionals.

Our press releases, press information and press releases in the field of stand construction include the following topics:

Conception and planning:
We emphasize the importance of careful conception and planning in trade fair construction. Our texts inform about the analysis of target groups, the definition of goals, the selection of the right trade fair formats and the design of a trade fair stand that effectively presents the message and identity of the company. We show how a well thought-out trade fair concept has a lasting effect on the success of a trade fair participation.

Design and creation:
We illuminate the design aspects in trade fair construction. Our texts deal with topics such as colour, shape, choice of materials, lighting and graphic design. We show how an attractive and uniform design makes the exhibition stand an eye-catcher and how the design elements communicate the company message support.

Technological innovations:
We provide information about the latest technological developments in trade fair construction. Our texts represent innovative solutions such as interactive displays, Virtual reality applications, augmented reality, digital presentation systems and intelligent lighting concepts. We show how these technologies enrich the trade fair experience, increase visitor attention and convey the brand message effectively.

Sustainability and resource conservation:
We highlight the importance of sustainability in trade fair construction. Our texts inform about resource-saving materials, modular and reusable Booth concepts, energy efficient lighting systems and eco-friendly practices. We present companies that are committed to sustainable trade fair construction and show how ecological awareness and aesthetic design can go hand in hand.

We offer tailor-made solutions for stand construction companies, exhibitors, trade fair organizers and other players in the industry. Our content can be in Trade journals, trade fair publications, industry portals and other media to achieve maximum reach and visibility.