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3. November 2016

The latest aed neuland competition is open for entries

aed neuland 2017 – competition is open for entries: up-and-coming designers can register up to 31.03.2017

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The interdisciplinary aed competition for up-and-coming designers, aed neuland 2017, is being held for the 6th time. The award for talented young designers was established by the Stuttgart-based non-profit organisation aed Stuttgart e.V. and, as in previous years, will once again be supported by the Karl Schlecht Foundation. One of the goals of the competition is to pave the way for young and promising designers to enter the profession. Prizes are awarded in five categories: “Architecture & Engineering”, “Exhibition & Interior Design”, “Industrial & Product Design”, “Communication & Graphic Design” and “Interaction Design”.

Among other things, the judges look for the best possible quality in terms of economy and ecology as well as aesthetic quality, functionality and user-friendliness. Following the award ceremony in Stuttgart on 29 June 2017, the prize-winning entries will be shown in a touring exhibition.

Refreshingly different

Travelling offices packed into a minimal space, interactive room installations or a “graphic novel” on the history of twentieth-century architecture: the winners of aed neuland, the cross-discipline award for talented young designers, have often surprised the jury with design approaches that are refreshingly different and well thought out. The latest edition of the renowned awards has now got underway: up-and-coming designers no older than 28 years of age have until 31 March 2017 to submit their entries. These may be theses, dissertations, term papers or free work.

Social relevance

The decisive aspects are social relevance as well as innovative and sustainable design, which, according to aed Stuttgart e.V., should be “characterized by the greatest possible economic and ecological quality while meeting the highest aesthetic requirements”. A top-class jury comprising eminent designers, engineers, architects and media professional will decide on the winners on 4 May 2017.

Karl Schlecht Foundation – a special affinity to the young designer competition

Prize money totalling 10,000 euros is available thanks to the support of the Karl Schlecht Foundation. Dr. Katrin Schlecht, chairperson of the foundation, immediately identified with the aed and the idea of a competition for talented young designers: “The aed neuland award is one of my favourite projects among those sponsored by the Karl Schlecht Foundation because the students of architecture, engineering and design present so many young, innovative ideas,” says the sponsor.

Following the award ceremony, the winning entries will be shown in a touring exhibition that will open its doors on 29 June 2017. The prize winners’ entries will also be features in a high-quality brochure.

About Karl Schlecht Foundation

The Karl Schlecht Foundation (KSG) is based in Aichtal and also has an office in Berlin. It sees itself as an impact-oriented driver of social change. It is dedicated to four fields of activity and advancement: “ethics and leadership”, “education and upbringing”, “art and culture” and “energy and technology”. It was established as a non-profit foundation in October 1998 by the engineer Karl Schlecht, who founded Putzmeister, a manufacturer of concrete pumps headquartered in Aichtal.

The Karl Schlecht Foundation is a member of the Association of German Foundations.

About aed Stuttgart

aed e.V. is an initiative founded by engineers, architects and designers. Its aim is to promote the extensive design competence in the Stuttgart region – from product and graphic design through to multimedia, engineering and architecture – and to raise public awareness. Over 350 members support the work of the society, which celebrated its tenth anniversary in 2014. Since its foundation, the aed has organized over 200 presentations, excursions and exhibitions with more than 380 speakers at over 60 different locations and attended by over 20,000 people. The aed competition for up-and-coming designers takes place every two year – in 2017 it will be held for the sixth time. The aed is of equal significance to industry, service providers, the creative sector and the culture sector. Prof. Werner Sobek is the chairman of the aed. A distinguished advisory board supports the work of the non-profit organisation.

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