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27. Mai 2021

Bella Figura

Kusch+Co expands the line-up of their seating series Lupino. These upmarket armchairs, launched back in 2018, are characterised by minimalist, elegant and dynamic design aesthetics, providing new impulses for the care division.

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Lupino is one of those series that adds pizzazz to every environment. Launched three years ago, Lupino won the German Design Award 2019 in light of its outstanding design quality. Given this success, Kusch+Co expands the line-up while adding new functionalities by adding the option of higher armrests. With the new seat shell variation, Lupino is suited for an even wider array of environments. The new Black Edition adds an unparalleled elegance and chic to this upscale series.

The products by Kusch+Co are widely acclaimed for their durability and exceptionally long product life cycles. This series, sporting an elegant-dynamic look, excels in versatility, and is therefore ideally suited for conference and meeting rooms, hotel lounges, restaurants, not forgetting waiting rooms in healthcare facilities, such as nursing homes or hospitals. The Italy-based German designer Norbert Geelen designed an ergonomic seat shell, accentuated by soft, flowing lines, with invitingly open armrests, highlighted even more by the all-round piped seams. “The contemporary zeitgeist is reflected in this dynamic, casual design,” says Tommy Rube, Marketing Director and Brand Ambassador at Kusch+Co. 

Team player for the healthcare sector

Next to the option to choose between two backrest heights, Kusch+Co has added new seat shell variations. These are now available with higher armrests, offering excellent support when taking a seat or getting up, making this series predestined for the healthcare division. The new optionally incorporated upholstered seat pad instead of the standard loose seat cushion allows for easy cleaning. The added advantage: the seamless upholstery is much easier to keep clean, offering a much better hygienic safety.

Given the fact that Kusch+Co has worked out a fire prevention concept for their seating, Lupino is a most comfortable and practical armchair for contract environments. “The Kusch+Co solutions are well-known for their excellent quality and their outstanding durability,” underlines Rube. “Through the clean lines, Lupino evokes emotions, oozing a timeless aesthetic flair, and as such, ideally suited for a multitude of distinct environments”.

Seating for every mood and style

Thanks to the wide spectrum of variations as well as the vast array of combination and customisation options, Lupino can be configured to your preferences. Ranging from club to lounge armchair, either for the office or your home – Lupino is a real chameleon, a consummate all-rounder, blurring the lines between home and working environments. A stool with matching design aesthetics, acting as a foot- and legrest, can also be used as a stand-alone seat. 

A wide array of variations

The seat shell can be mixed and matched with a multitude of distinct frames. The four-legged frame is somewhat different as usual. The rear legs protrude backwards in a wider angle, otherwise, the Lupino frame is shaped almost symmetrically. The positive outcome: out-of-the-ordinary elegant looks. With a seeming weightlessness, the seat shell seems to be floating above the sled-base frame made of trapezoidal-bent, slender round tubular steel. The same optical effect can be observed with the variations supported by a central column. The four prongs of the base reach upwards, leaving more space underneath. With the latter variations, the seat shell is swivelling and, optionally, height adjustable between 42 and 54 cm. The beech Lupino frames, on the other hand, are seamlessly incorporated in the seat shell, thus underlining their homelike character.

Lupino never ceases to amaze

Each Lupino variation can be finished individually. The metal legs can be either chrome-plated or powder coated in RAL colours. A wide range of stain colours is available for the solid beech legs. In combination with new fabrics in pastels, like lilac, sky blue, cherry or rosé, these variations offer legions of finishing options. There are almost no limits to the colour and material options. From bicoloured variations – upholstered seat pad and seat shell in different colours – to a material mix for the seat shell – e.g. rear side covered in leather, front side in fabric and vice versa.

Dressed in Black

The Lupino variations, when dressed in black, are the pinnacle of minimalist design. As proves our Black Edition. Entirely in black, upmarket and classy. This colour reduction emphasises the clean lines and design language. Perfectly suited as eye candy in modern interiors.

About Kusch+Co

Shaping the way we sit – Kusch+Co’s mission statement stands for more than 80 years of know-how in designing and producing market-oriented seating and interior design solutions as well as for their proficiency in the fields of Fire Prevention, Hygiene and Reduced Mobility.

With their renewed portfolio, Kusch+Co reacts to the changes occurring in the modern working world, to the new challenges in the healthcare sector and to the current requirements in airports and transit sites.

Kusch+Co – established in 1939 by Ernst Kusch and run as a family business in the following decades, until recently by Ricarda Kusch – became a part of the group of companies Nowy Styl, a leading European producer of comprehensive interior design solutions geared towards offices and public areas, in 1939. Kusch+Co is a globally operating premium brand, employing in their headquarters in the Sauerland-based town of Hallenberg – the cradle of their entrepreneurial roots – approximately 230 people. Their network includes other subsidiaries and showrooms e.g. in Munich, Berlin, Paris, London, Brussels, not forgetting in the Dutch town of Culemborg.
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