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30. März 2021

Forever Young

Kusch+Co has revamped their design classic ¡Hola! with an extensive range of fresh new colours and materials and improved the hygiene-oriented variations. On top of this, the new table series completes the line-up.

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The dynamically curved backrest of the ¡Hola! chair is inspired by the shape of full sail. For 25 years now, the best-selling series from Kusch+Co sails to projects all over the world and is generally acclaimed as their most popular multipurpose chair. Thanks to the extensive palette of fresh colours, the minimalistic Black Edition, the new wooden frame as well as the relaunch of the hygiene finish, this series now has a strong tail wind and gained new momentum for the years to come. A new table series, characterised by clean lines and well-balanced proportions, complements the functionalities of the ¡Hola! product family.

Some products never grow old. A good example would be the series 2200 ¡Hola!, designed by Jorge Pensi for Kusch+Co a quarter century ago. This well-known designer and architect, born in Buenos Aires and now living in Barcelona, managed to design a unique chair that has long since obtained the status of a design classic. This “classic” multipurpose chair has been a staple to furnish lobbies, conference rooms, staff restaurants, canteens, seminar rooms and healthcare facilities since 1996. The most noteworthy references include the Berlin Tempodrom, the Shanghai Exhibition Center or the Reinier de Graaf Hospital in Delft.

Excitingly colourful or subtly colour-coordinated – anything goes

With a firework of new colours and materials added to the ¡Hola! collection, the Hallenberg-based contract seating specialist opens up new interior design perspectives to interior designers and architects. A palette of eleven colours is available for the seat, the backrest and the optional armrests. The colours for the seat and back can be mixed and matched to your liking. Add to this a selection of seven powder coating colours and three chrome variations for the steel frame (bright chrome, satin chrome and black chrome). Through the wide spectrum of fabrics from the standard Kusch+Co collection, you can add even more colourful touches to the interior design.

The Black Edition heads in the opposite direction: these low-key ¡Hola! variations, entirely in black, ooze elegance, underlining the chair’s upmarket design. This special edition comes with either a black chrome frame or a matt textured powder coated frame in pearl black (RAL 9005) which is pleasant to touch.

The stability of steel combined with the charm of natural wood

By introducing an innovation, Kusch+Co expands the range of possible uses for their series 2200 ¡Hola!: the stable steel legs are covered with a real-wood sleeve, featuring an exquisite, diagonally running wood grain. Either natural beech or oak. They are real eye-candy, adding a warm, homelike touch to the interior design.

Updated kuschmed® Hygienic-Line

Kusch+Co has also optimised the series ¡Hola! for use in hospitals and healthcare facilities. The plastic parts boast an antibacterial coating and are easy to clean and to disinfect. As with all kuschmed® Hygienic-Line solutions, these surfaces offer virtually no points of adhesion for germs, viruses and mildew, thus reducing the germ transmission to patients, visitors and nursing staff. Each ¡Hola! variation holds a QR code with a link to detailed cleaning and disinfection instructions. The new hygiene-safe stacking plates reduce the time needed for cleaning and disinfection. Next to the standard height of 45 cm, the four-legged frame can optionally be raised to 50 cm or 55 cm, offering more support to persons with reduced mobility when standing up or taking a seat.

New table series

The Kusch+Co Designteam has congenially expanded the ¡Hola! product family with a new table series. Characterised by a minimalist design and well-balanced proportions, the ¡Hola! tables have matching design aesthetics with the namesake seating. The rectangular, square or round table tops come in various variations with a wide range of materials, surfaces and lippings. With the aim of creating a cozy, homelike atmosphere, the tables are available with wood-covered steel legs. The kuschmed® Hygienic-Line variations excel in hygienic safety.

Sustainable design

With their evergreen ¡Hola!, Kusch+Co provides convincing proof that good design is a viable way towards more durability and thus sustainability. This producer has been developing and producing their upmarket seating for more than 80 years in Hallenberg, and does not incorporate short-lived trends and fads. Their chairs, tables and benches are characterised by timeless design aesthetics and constructed with environmentally-friendly materials. For all their products, that also includes the ¡Hola! product family, Kusch+Co has compiled Environmental Product Declarations in compliance with DIN EN ISO 14021, Type II. These data sheets detail all environment-related aspects, including the positive effects that are relevant for the LEED certification.

Hallenberg, March 2021
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About Kusch+Co

Shaping the way we sit – Kusch+Co’s mission statement stands for more than 80 years of know-how in designing and producing market-oriented seating and interior design solutions as well as for their proficiency in the fields of Fire Prevention, Hygiene and Reduced Mobility.

With their renewed portfolio, Kusch+Co reacts to the changes occurring in the modern working world, to the new challenges in the healthcare sector and to the current requirements in airports and transit sites.

Kusch+Co – established in 1939 by Ernst Kusch and run as a family business in the following decades, until recently by Ricarda Kusch – became a part of the group of companies Nowy Styl, a leading European producer of comprehensive interior design solutions geared towards offices and public areas, in 1939. Kusch+Co is a globally operating premium brand, employing in their headquarters in the Sauerland-based town of Hallenberg – the cradle of their entrepreneurial roots – approximately 230 people. Their network includes other subsidiaries and showrooms e.g. in Munich, Berlin, Paris, London, Brussels, not forgetting in the Dutch town of Culemborg.
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