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Media information  Kusch+Co

6. November 2019

Kusch+Co: strong in the market segment Health

Kusch+Co provides interior design solutions and products specifically geared towards the market segment Health. Their reference list also includes the world-renowned university hospital Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin.

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Hospitals, residential care and nursing homes, medical practices as well as social institutions all aim to create an environment where patients, relatives, doctors as well as the nursing staff feel safe and well cared for. At the same time, these facilities have to comply with high functional requirements to the interior design, which also includes furniture. Kusch+Co, a manufacturer of design-oriented contract seating and tables, is an expert in this field and capable of meeting all the special requirements. This internationally operating company knows the ins and outs of the market segment Health, and has delivered its seating to a myriad of projects, such as the hospital AZ Groeninge in the Belgian city of Kortrijk, the Bronx-Lebanon Hospital in New York, not forgetting the City of Healthcare in Dubai. Through their wide spectrum of products, Kusch+Co opens up interesting interior design perspectives: thanks to the matching design aesthetics, each room resp. ward can ooze its unique aura while staying in line with the overall design concept.

A reliable partner right from the start

Next to their range of functional and design-oriented furniture, Kusch+Co is a reliable and competent partner right from the start, beginning with a professional interior design counselling and planning process. In an advisory capacity, Kusch+Co is happy to suggest appropriate materials and colours, or even work out an entire colour scheme taking into account the flooring, ceiling and wall, or alternative furniture layouts.

Special requirements: Fire Prevention, Hygiene, Reduced Mobility and seating geared towards overweight patients (Bariatric Seating)

“We offer future-proof seating for the healthcare industry,” asserts Ricarda Kusch, the CEO of Kusch+Co. The company provides special solutions targeted at hygiene through its kuschmed Hygienic-Line: furniture that have been constructed and finished with special hygienic materials for the best possible cleaning and disinfection results with the aim of minimizing the risk of transmission. The specialists from Hallenberg have also worked a Fire Prevention concept for seating. Through a special upholstery compound, the Kusch+Co products meet all the relevant fire prevention regulations, and are therefore suited to be installed in areas that are designated as emergency routes and as such need to have a zero fire load to the greatest possible extent. Another specialty are their Bariatric Seating: generously sized and extremely sturdy seating capable of carrying a body weight up to 300 kg, specifically designed for overweight and obese persons. On top of this, Kusch+Co provides solutions for persons with reduced mobility, among them are senior citizens, pregnant women, persons of small stature, or patients recovering from orthopedic surgery in rehabilitation centres. Frames are available in different seat heights as standard, or have many optional extras, such as a walking stick holder, chairs on castors, or wedge-shaped pads in order to straighten the pelvis area.

Kusch+Co in the Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin

The Charité (French for charity, compassion) is one of the oldest hospital in Berlin, and with a capacity of more than 3,000 beds, it ranks among Europe’s largest university hospitals. This hospital with 4 campuses, 279 professors and 7,500 students, was established in 1710 in anticipation of a pest outbreak. In 1810, the Charité became a teaching hospital. Nowadays, the university hospital is reputed as one of the best medical research institutions world-wide. The fact that more than half of all German Nobel Prize winners in Medicine or Physiology have worked here, provides convincing proof. Since 2003, the medical departments of the Humboldt University and the Free University Berlin have affiliated with the Charité.
Within the framework of extensive renovations to the bed ward of the campus Charité Mitte, the University Hospital decided in favour of an interior design concept consisting of Kusch+Co products – they furnished the patient rooms, the nursing staff’s day rooms, the general waiting areas, offices as well as the hospital café with their seating and tables. The multifunctional seating series Arn, Volpino and uni_verso are perfectly suited for the renovated bed ward, creating just the right atmosphere and fulfilling all the requirements.

About Kusch+Co

Shaping the way we sit – Kusch+Co’s mission statement stands for more than 80 years of know-how in designing and producing market-oriented seating and interior design solutions as well as for their proficiency in the fields of Fire Prevention, Hygiene and Reduced Mobility.

With their renewed portfolio, Kusch+Co reacts to the changes occurring in the modern working world, to the new challenges in the healthcare sector and to the current requirements in airports and transit sites.

Kusch+Co – established in 1939 by Ernst Kusch and run as a family business in the following decades, until recently by Ricarda Kusch – became a part of the group of companies Nowy Styl, a leading European producer of comprehensive interior design solutions geared towards offices and public areas, in 1939. Kusch+Co is a globally operating premium brand, employing in their headquarters in the Sauerland-based town of Hallenberg – the cradle of their entrepreneurial roots – approximately 230 people. Their network includes other subsidiaries and showrooms e.g. in Munich, Berlin, Paris, London, Brussels, not forgetting in the Dutch town of Culemborg.
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