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22. Juli 2019

New interior design perspectives for office, lounge and cafe environments

Creva soft is the name of the new soft seating series by Kusch+Co. This modular seating collection is designed by the Cologne-based studio kaschkasch.

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This collection of stools, benches and armchairs can be mixed and matched to create bespoke seating configurations, ranging from conferences all the way to office retreats: the new soft seating series by Kusch+Co opens up new interior design perspectives for office environments, lounges, lobbies and waiting areas – not forgetting bars and cafes – adding elegance and pizzazz. The concept behind Creva, as worked out by the Cologne design studio kaschkasch, is clear: a comprehensive product family that can be gradually expanded and incorporate acoustic and digital aspects. Following the launch of the multi modular series Creva soft, the product family will continue to grow in the coming months through the upcoming launches of Creva stool and Creva desk.

A well-rounded synthesis of innovation, functionality and aesthetics – these qualities characterize the new product family Creva. The first sibling, named Creva soft, was launched in May 2019. This new soft seating series stands out for its flexibility and versatility: the modular seating configurations are geared towards a multitude of environments: ranging from offices, hotel and museum lobbies as well as bar and cafes all the way to general waiting areas – e.g. in healthcare facilities or airports. Solitary armchairs can be flexibly linked together into two- or three-seater benches, or even into a virtually endless bench row. The options are legion.

kaschkasch and Creva soft – “the will to explore new innovative avenues!”

kaschkasch are the creative heads behind Creva soft as well as the entire Creva product family. This inventive duo, consisting of the designers Florian Kallus and Sebastian Schneider, are budding stars in the furniture trade, and have the reputation to “only work with companies that wholeheartedly embrace good design”. In their studio, they work with very graphic design sketches, refining them subsequently with fine details. They both share the same design philosophy: “achieve maximum impact with minimalist design”.  Or in their words “We are mainly driven by our curiosity and our urge. This passion and desire to create something entirely new, better, more stylish, more innovative, are the driving forces behind our creative output”. Their current series for the internationally operation contract seating producer Kusch+Co is a convincing proof thereof.

Versatile and flexible – also suited to retreat within the office

The stool as well as the long stool without back and side walls build the constructive nucleus and basic module of Creva soft. They are characterized by a consistent cubistic design and by their comfortable upholstery. When entirely upholstered side and back elements are added, the basic modules transform into comfortable one-seater armchairs as well as 2- or 3-seater benches. When featuring the high side and back elements, these variations are ideally suited as office retreats – both visually and acoustically. The series comes with a wide scope of design options – the cushions, seats as well as back and side walls can be customized with different colours and fabrics to your liking, or the legs are available in different materials (steel, beech or oak). The occasional table with matching design aesthetics has just the right size to serve either as central point in the middle of a configuration or as a practical storage surface.

Connected and dynamic – tailored to digital working environments

Thanks to the incorporated power modules in the Creva soft variations, it is easy as proverbial pie to plug in and charge mobile devices. As a result, these new interior design solutions perfectly blend in with the modern working world, at the same giving a fresh look to meeting areas. Creva soft allows for a dynamic interior design, adapted to your personal liking and wishes.

Mix and match – even more options with the Creva product family

Currently, Creva soft is best combined with the Kusch+Co series ¡Hola!, Arn, Njord and Lupino. The product family will continue to grow in the future: Creva stool introduces matching stool and bar stool – and Creva desk launches a new line-up of elegant tables, including a High table variation. Every series stays true to the core concept of Creva: working in full concentration as well as meeting in a casual setting.

About Kusch+Co

Shaping the way we sit – Kusch+Co’s mission statement stands for more than 80 years of know-how in designing and producing market-oriented seating and interior design solutions as well as for their proficiency in the fields of Fire Prevention, Hygiene and Reduced Mobility.

With their renewed portfolio, Kusch+Co reacts to the changes occurring in the modern working world, to the new challenges in the healthcare sector and to the current requirements in airports and transit sites.

Kusch+Co – established in 1939 by Ernst Kusch and run as a family business in the following decades, until recently by Ricarda Kusch – became a part of the group of companies Nowy Styl, a leading European producer of comprehensive interior design solutions geared towards offices and public areas, in 1939. Kusch+Co is a globally operating premium brand, employing in their headquarters in the Sauerland-based town of Hallenberg – the cradle of their entrepreneurial roots – approximately 230 people. Their network includes other subsidiaries and showrooms e.g. in Munich, Berlin, Paris, London, Brussels, not forgetting in the Dutch town of Culemborg.
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