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11. Dezember 2019

The Nimbus Group produces lighting and acoustics solutions that open up new horizons for designers. 

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The new Lighting Pad was recently installed on the new premises of the Stylepark online platform. Photo: Patricia Parinejad, Stylepark<br />Many architects appreciate the special quality of the Lighting Pad, which can be used for lighting and improving the acoustic climate in a room. Here in the offices of ORANGE BLU building solutions. Photo: Frank MarohnThe Nimbus Group's Profil 33 has enjoyed long-term success. It is designed as a modular system and is used for shading window surfaces and partitioning rooms. The microperforated film is acoustically effective and is guided by a multi-track aluminium rail. Photo: Nimbus GroupRecently installed at the Landratsamt in Tübingen – three Lighting Pads in the attractive colours Nightfall and Vineyard in one of the building's conference rooms. The innovative product provides glare-free working light, discreet, indirect room lighting and is also acoustically effective. Photo: Roland HalbeModul Q Project luminaires shine in the IBG B. Graf AG Engineering building in St. Gallen in combination with Rossoacoustic PADs. The Rossoacoustic partitions (CP30 and TP30) are also acoustically effective. The overall effect is pleasant light and optimal acoustics. Photo: Jean-Luc Grossmann/photopulseIf required, the acoustics specialists from Rossoacoustic carry out acoustic measurements on the customer's premises and draw up data-based acoustics planning based on the results. The Nimbus Group considers it important to have this expertise within the company. Photo: Nimbus GroupThe high-performance LED (diameter 8 mm) embedded in the fleece is hardly perceptible at first glance yet displays precision and a high quality of detail. Photo: Frank OckertDietrich Brennenstuhl, trained architect, founder and CEO of the Nimbus Group at the company's Mock-Up facility. Photo: René MüllerThe way to the Nimbus Group's product development department. Specialists from a range of disciplines work for the company: designers, engineers, electrical and acoustics specialists, and lighting designers. Photo: René MüllerCharacteristic interplay between light and surface: LEDs are integrated in the soft embossing of the acoustic fleece at specified distances. Hardly perceptible with the human eye, they surprise with their brilliant light quality. Photo: Frank OckertThe Lighting Pad is a highly effective, sound-absorbing acoustic suspended luminaire. Thanks to its different shapes (circle and square) it blends in perfectly with its surroundings. Photo: Frank OckertBrilliant light falls onto the floor or surfaces at a specified angle. It embodies the Nimbus Group's characteristic minimalism insofar as the product is of high quality yet remains discreetly in the background. Photo: Frank OckertProvides an integrated lighting and acoustics solution, and gives structure to the room: the Lighting Pad in its various different shapes, dimensions and colours. The graphic shows a planning solution in an open-plan office. Graphic: Nimbus Group

The new Lighting Pad was recently installed on the new premises of the Stylepark online platform. Franziska Michaelis, a member of the managing board, was very impressed: "We are very happy that we can work under the Lighting Pads every day because the lighting and acoustic effect are both outstanding!" Photo: Patricia Parinejad, Stylepark The Nimbus Group's Nimbus and Rosso brands provide inspiring answers to many questions designers are asking themselves with increasing regularity during the course of their projects. For example: "What potential does LED lighting hold?, "How can acoustically effective zones be designed?" – and now even "How might a combined lighting and acoustics solution work?"

The Nimbus Group's Mock-Up in the Feuerbach district of Stuttgart could be described as a kind of hot spot. This somewhat rough-and-ready looking location attracts a large number of designers and architects who are on the lookout for holistic, often unconventional approaches in the field of light and acoustics. The fifteen-hundred-square-metre site not only accommodates the development department but also a number of exciting installations that allow visitors to immerse themselves in the worlds of the Nimbus Group's two brands: LED luminaires and lighting systems under the Nimbus brand – and acoustically effective ceiling and wall elements plus partitioning systems under the Rosso brand. Visitors generally arrive with a lot of questions and leave with inspiring answers. For example to the questions: "What potential does LED lighting hold?", "How can acoustically effective zones be designed?" – and now even "How might a combined lighting and acoustics solution work."



Since the beginning of the nineteen nineties, acoustic solutions have been developed at the Mock-Up in a lively exchange with scientists at the Fraunhofer Institute. It all began with "Profil 22" and "Profil 33", two panel curtain systems with an elegant, pared-back rail system and a curtain material similar to architect's drafting film. This timelessly elegant system is still used today, and what makes it so special is the barely visible microperforations in the film that break up sound waves, thus significantly reducing reverberation time within a room. A panel curtain with drafting film and intelligent acoustic control. "A typical outside-the-box product," as Dietrich Brennenstuhl, founder and CEO of the Nimbus Group, characterises his invention. SUCCESSION OF NEW INSPIRATIONS However, these systems were just the beginning: "We applied the film to a honeycomb material, creating an element that is as light as a feather," recounts Brennenstuhl, who is often to be seen in the Mock-Up, for example giving visitors a tour of his product world or during one of the company's evening presentation and discussion events. In the CP30 system, Rosso offers interior designers a system that can be installed on the wall, ceiling or as baffles in the middle of a room while managing a balancing act between different requirements: it maintains lighting levels and transparency in a room yet gives privacy and is also acoustically effective.


With the aim of creating an acoustically effective design counterpart to the characteristic luminaires and with architects and interior designers in mind, Brennenstuhl and his team developed the PAD system, which consists of an acoustic fleece with small indentations. These ceiling and wall absorbers are available in a wide range of shapes and colours and can be perfectly combined with Nimbus luminaires as they speak the same visual language.


As Brennenstuhl added: "The two areas of expertise – light and acoustics – slowly came closer over the years." Then, in 2018, they merged for the first time in a single product: the Lighting Pad. Special lenses from Bartenbach, an expert in lighting technology, were deployed in the sound absorber with integrated light. The light is emitted practically without glare and creates a special effect: the observer has the impression that the light comes from "behind the scenes", so to speak, immersing defined areas in brilliant light.


To enhance the company's expertise in both areas, the Nimbus Group has employed acoustics specialists alongside its lighting experts for some years now. These acoustics professionals have appropriate training to enable them to carry out acoustic measurements on customer premises and draw up data-based acoustic planning based on the results. Furthermore, the Nimbus Group's Academy offers practical seminars and teaches many fundamentals of lighting and acoustics in compact presentations and practical exercises. The constantly growing expertise in both lighting and room acoustics is reflected in the broad portfolio. Dietrich Brennenstuhl has proved that he has a "nose" for sniffing out potential in certain issues – and that the solutions he comes up with are always excellent problem-solvers for designers. With Häfele by its side – the Nimbus Group has belonged to the Häfele group of companies since February 2019 – this potential can now be leveraged to an even greater extent.


The innovative ability of architect and company founder Dietrich Brennenstuhl is also appreciated at Häfele: "I have the pleasant task of being responsible for innovation in the new set-up too," he reports. He and his team are currently working on a software-based acoustics configuration tool, which will enable them to advise designers even better in their projects. The active control of acoustics is a further subject of research: "We are currently beginning to look into the case-by-case modification of room acoustics," says the agile CEO. It is all about "modifying a room so that its acoustics can be adapted to its current use, so that it has more reverberation or more dampening to fit current requirements. You could call it 'acoustic dimming'." The field of acoustics is broad, as is the scope for holistic solutions that integrate light in a new way. Entering the future as pioneer for acoustics and integrated lightacoustics solutions is a challenge that the Nimbus Group gladly accepts as an affiliate of Häfele.

About Häfele and Nimbus
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Nimbus has belonged to the Häfele Group since 2019. Located in Nagold, the internationally operating specialist for furniture fittings and lighting is indispensable for furniture production and the carpentry trade, while the Stuttgart-based Nimbus Group is held in high regard in the architecture sector. Two target groups, two different worlds. And yet they have come together and boast a broad joint portfolio of lighting systems for rooms and furniture as well as integrated lighting and acoustics solutions. Product development in the fields of light and acoustics is centred in Stuttgart.


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