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12. Januar 2021

An inspiring loft for creative minds
The new premises of the Monsun Media creative agency convey a sense of freedom and open space. Rossoacoustic Pads from the Nimbus Group ensure a pleasant acoustic atmosphere.

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The Monsun Media agency’s new “M-Lab” work loft in Bremen is inviting and spacious. The Rossoacoustic Pads from the Nimbus Group discreetly suspended from the ceiling create good room acoustics. Photo: POPO Sitzmöbel und Stehschränke GmbH, Patrick DrescherDiscreet appearance, great effect: the Rossoacoustic Pads Q 1200 BASIC underline the charm of the industrial architecture in the new loft occupied by a creative agency in Bremen. Speech and sound in the rooms have a noticeably pleasant quality, a feature much appreciated by employees and customers alike, who come together here for numerous creative meetings. Photo: POPO Sitzmöbel und Stehschränke GmbH, Patrick DrescherJust a few selected furnishings and fittings feature in the spacious loft designed by POPO GmbH, Bremen. The Rossoacoustic PADs are arranged in a clear-cut, symmetrical grid pattern and complement the puristic style of the fit-out. Photo: POPO Sitzmöbel und Stehschränke GmbH, Patrick DrescherThe glazing bars integrated in the sliding walls and partitions are a striking feature that fits in perfectly with the refined industrial look. The acoustic effectiveness of the Rossoacoustic Pads suspended from the ceiling has a positive impact on the atmosphere in the rooms. Photo: POPO Sitzmöbel und Stehschränke GmbH, Patrick DrescherCasual seating in the lounge alternates with stricter seating arrangements in the conference zones. Here too, acoustically effective Rossoacoustic Pads from the Nimbus Group can be found below the ceiling in a clear-cut grid pattern. Photo: POPO Sitzmöbel und Stehschränke GmbH, Patrick DrescherA splash of colour has been introduced to the conference zone. Rossoacoustic Pads from the Nimbus Group placed discreetly below the ceiling ensure good acoustics. Suspended from the ceiling and height-adjustable without the use of tools, they can be arranged randomly or in a strictly homogeneous grid pattern. Photo: POPO Sitzmöbel und Stehschränke GmbH, Patrick DrescherA stylish seating corner for informal discussions and moments of relaxation, once again illustrating how harmoniously the Rossoacoustic PADs seem to hover above the loft's various zones. Photo: POPO Sitzmöbel und Stehschränke GmbH, Patrick DrescherThe underside of the Rossoacoustic Pads seems almost “soft”. The acoustic fleece is characterized by striking soft indentations. The colour used in the new loft is Grey Dawn. Photo: Nimbus Group/Frank OckertA collage of the Rossoacoustic Pads Q available in the shape of a square. The R (round) version of the Rossoacoustic Pad is also available in three sizes. Photo: Nimbus Group/Frank OckertThe Rossoacoustic Pad with its characteristic underside made of formfleece with soft indentations. This version is suspended from the ceiling. Panels can also be mounted on the wall. Photo: Nimbus Group/Frank Ockert

The Monsun Media agency’s new “M-Lab” work loft in Bremen is inviting and spacious and has retained its original industrial charm. POPO, a furnishing specialist based in Bremen, designed the 400 square metre workplace for workshops, meetings and presentations for both teams and customers. Monsun Media is an agency for brand design and communication based in Osnabrück. It uses the new loft in Bremen to develop sophisticated strategies and provide inspiring surroundings for the creativity of the team and its customers.

Sensitive presentation of industrial ambience

The spacious loft is located in Speicher 1, a listed building in Bremen’s Europahafen that has been used as an office and commercial loft since the middle of the 2000s. The designers placed great importance in retaining the premises' original industrial charm with the characteristic concrete pillars and old wooden floorboards. The Scandinavian-style furniture brings colour and lightness into the room. Casual lounge areas alternate with conference and meeting zones, where playful colour schemes have been employed to great effect: individual items of furniture in shades of orange and rust set highlights, as do skilfully placed luminaires and light sculptures. The conference areas are partitioned off by high-quality glass sliding walls that in fit in perfectly with their surroundings. The integrated glazing bars give the design a minimalistic air and highlight the industrial look. 

Aesthetic acoustic solution

The M-Lab is used as a communication hub; it is characterised by high ceilings and spacious, open rooms and conveys a feeling of freedom and spaciousness. The furnishing specialists from POPO were engaged to design the rooms from furnishing through to the lighting concept. They also addressed the matter of acoustics in the new rooms, where predominantly smooth, acoustically hard surfaces influence the atmosphere. POPO opted for Rossoacoustic PADs Q from Nimbus to achieve the desired sound attenuation. In the colour Grey Dawn, they complement the airy concept implemented by the designers. A total of 56 PADs have been mounted on the ceiling in the work and meeting zones. As the POPO designers explain: “The design and functionality of the PADs fit in well with the concept. We wanted acoustic panels that are restrained in design and leave a clear view of the bare industrial ceiling.” In discreet grey and a straightforward design, the PADs generate pleasant room acoustics and blend in harmoniously with the overall look of the elegant, loft-style M-Lab.

Stuttgart, December 2020
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