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10. Juni 2021

Great love of detail

Nimbus solutions deployed at Fichte45 office and co-working project in Nuremberg

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The project was obviously close to the heart of Sven Lechner, the initiator and architect of the office and residential building in Nuremberg. This fact which is reflected in the name of the project: Fichte45 Lechners aim was to offer users the ultimate experience in terms of well-being in the converted former industrial premises. One way in which he achieved this was by deploying lighting and acoustics solutions from the Nimbus Group. These included suspended Lighting Pads and Rossoacoustic Pads in various sizes and colours along with the cableless and extremely flexible Roxxane Leggera workplace luminaires from the Stuttgart-based lighting manufacturer.

In the Rennweg district of Nuremberg, architect Sven Lechner transformed the former miners lamp factory into a remarkable business location. He was not only involved in the planning with his nyx | Architekten firm of architects but actually initiated the project in his role as project developer with raumwerk23, his second company. "We started off with a former factory, our architectural expertise and a vision. The result is a place where we couldnt feel more at ease," says Lechner describing Haus Fichte45. The project was named after the address, Fichtestrasse 45 in the north-eastern part of the city.

For hearts and minds

Lechners plans combine four units in the former industrial premises that complement one another and reflect the projects slogan: "fichtework" is not only Lechners own suite of offices but is also open to others: co-working spaces, meeting rooms and quiet rooms on two levels are used by him as well as by co-workers or long-term tenants. It is a similar situation with the "fichtewerkstatt" on the ground floor, which provides space for 50 people for workshops, seminars, presentations or yoga sessions and is particularly flexible in its utilisation options. On the upper floor of the two-storey building, the bright, light-flooded space concept includes four spaces for overnight accommodation in the lovingly furnished apartments in the "fichtehome". At the heart of every office there needs to be a place where people can come together and foster a sense of community: all those working here can gather in the large communal kitchen, the "fichteheart". This space can also be rented by catering companies as an event location.

Holistic lighting and acoustic design

The entire project stands out thanks to its versatility, openness and great love of detail. Sven Lechner worked with the Nuremberg office of Designfunktion when planning and fitting out the offices. For many years now, Designfunktion has successfully specialised in the holistic development and fit-out of working environments. The experienced fit-out specialists are absolutely convinced that well designed spaces support performance and innovation within a company. Lighting and room acoustics are key parameters that can be used to exert a positive influence on the sense of well-being at the office. With this in mind, Designfunktion recommended the use of lighting and acoustic pads from the Stuttgart-based Nimbus Group to Sven Lechner, who gladly accepted the idea. Acoustically effective, suspended Rossoacoustic Pads and Lighting Pads have been installed in the spacious workshop room as well as other parts of the building. The Lighting Pad combines glare-free LED light and highly effective sound absorbers in a single product. "The modern acoustic luminaires are a real benefit for our high-ceilinged workshop in terms of both optics and acoustics. The LEDs immerse the room in a pleasant light and are also energy-saving," says Sven Lechner. The Nimbus solutions also ensure balanced room acoustics and pleasant lighting at the workplaces and in the meeting rooms. The Pads colouring harmonises perfectly with the industrial charm of the former miners lamp factory.

Mobile light

The deployment of the Roxxane Leggera cableless LED from Nimbus underlines the rooms versatile utilisation concept. Sven Lechner acquired a number of these battery-powered luminaires for Fichte45, which are used both as supplementary desk luminaires and as additional light sources for meetings or workshops. "We, our tenants and our guests never fail to be amazed by the luminaires fantastic mobility and outstanding light," says Lechner.

Stuttgart, May 2021
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About the Nimbus Group

With its Nimbus Lighting and Rossoacoustic brands, the Nimbus Group belongs to the Häfele Group under the management of Sibylle Thierer, Jörg Schmid and Dietrich F. Brennenstuhl. The Nimbus Group's focus is on design innovation, room and furniture lighting, and integrated light-acoustics solutions. The Nimbus Group is located in Stuttgart and employs a staff of 111.

About Häfele

Häfele is an internationally operating company headquartered in Nagold, Germany. The family firm was founded in 1923 and today provides furniture fittings, architectural hardware, electronic access control systems and LED light to the furniture industry, architects, planners, carpenters, cabinet makers and dealers in over 150 countries around the world. Häfele develops and manufactures in Germany and Hungary. With its 8,000 employees, 38 subsidiaries and numerous dealerships, the Häfele Group achieved a turnover of 1.39 billion euros worldwide in fiscal year 2010 with exports accounting for 79% of sales.

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