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19. August 2019

4a Architekten installed the versatile Lighting Pad in their new offices – it fits in with the flair of the old industrial architecture and improves the atmosphere in the rooms.

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View into the newly refurbished architectural office of 4a Architekten. The Nimbus/Rossoacoustic Lighting Pads and Acoustic Pads suspended from the ceiling fit in perfectly with the charm of the old industrial architecture and create a pleasant atmosphere in the rooms. The indirect lighting effect also contributes to the rooms' charisma. Photo: Frank OckertThe Nimbus Lighting Pad presents exhibits and working areas in a brilliant light and provides acoustic shielding. Standing under the lighting-acoustics islands feels like being in a separate room. The Lighting Pad was recently installed at 4a Architekten in Stuttgart. Photo: Frank OckertAll elements – from the Lighting Pads through to the Acoustic Pads – have been kept in white. Visually discreet, they provide a carefully planned, integrated lighting solution that provides a pleasant environment for working in an open space. Photo: Frank OckertCables casually entwined around the power supply line in no way detract from the overall impression made by the Nimbus/Rossoacoustic Lighting and Acoustic Pads, which were used throughout the whole storey occupied by 4a Architekten. The symmetrical suspension at one height is in keeping with the sedate geometric shapes. Photo: Frank OckertThe open room concept calls for practical island solutions and well-conceived acoustic planning. The Nimbus/Rossoacoustic Lighting Pads and Acoustic Pads suspended from the ceiling meet these demands.<br />Photo: Frank OckertEach perspective reveals a new tableau on the ceiling. Both the Lighting Pads and the Acoustic Pads from Nimbus/Rossoacoustic convinced the architects due to factors such as their variable usage options and the perfect combination of design, lighting technology and acoustics. Photo: Frank OckertA Lighting Pad can also be found above the middle of the table in a conference room at 4a Architekten with Acoustic Pads grouped around it suspended at different heights. The light is absolutely glare-free, warm and even brilliant, and the Lighting Pad is also acoustically effective. Photo: Frank OckertThe Lighting Pad attracts attention as soon as one enters the premises. It was the architects' choice because it blends in harmoniously with the existing architecture and lends the rooms a surprising, experimental touch. Nimbus/Rossoacoustic's long-standing expertise guarantees quality and inspires confidence. Photo: Frank OckertCharacteristic interplay between light and surface: LEDs are integrated in the soft embossing of the acoustic fleece at specified distances. Hardly perceptible with the human eye, they surprise with their brilliant light quality. Photo: Frank OckertThe high-performance LED (diameter 8 mm) is hardly perceptible at first glance yet displays precision and a high quality of detail. Photo: Frank OckertCreates an acoustically pleasant environment and emits a brilliant, warm light: the Nimbus Group's new Lighting Pad. High-performance LEDs, almost invisible at first glance, are integrated into the acoustic fleece. Photo: Frank OckertThe Lighting Pad Q 900 in detail. The sides are 910 mm long, the height 60 mm. Barely perceptible, high-performance LEDs have been recessed into the fleece made of high-quality polyester. Photo: Frank OckertThe Nimbus/Rossoacoustic Acoustic Pads create an acoustically pleasant<br />atmosphere. They are available in various colours, shapes and sizes. Photo: Frank OckertThe Acoustic Pads from Nimbus/Rossoacoustic impress due to factors such as their variable usage options and the perfect combination of design, lighting technology and acoustic effect. Photo: Frank OckertNimbus/Rossoacoustic Acoustic Pads have distinctive soft embossing. This design feature creates a formal proximity to Nimbus LED luminaires. Photo: Frank OckertNimbus/Rossoacoustic Acoustic PADs are also available in PLUSversions (sound absorption class A). They can be suspended from the ceiling or mounted vertically with no trouble at all. Photo: Frank Ockert

When it comes to fitting out their own premises, design specialists like 4a Architekten often opt for integrated lighting-acoustics solutions like the one offered by the Nimbus Lighting Pad. Daring to try something new in new premises is a sign of both innovative and experimental ambition. At the same time, the Lighting Pad, the latest new development from Nimbus and Rossoacoustic, impresses with its high quality and proven effectiveness.

The open-plan office of 4a Architekten from Stuttgart is located on the first floor of a former industrial building. It comprises two office wings with two conference rooms and two kitchenettes. During refurbishment, a large spatial element was removed, the floor-space was opened up and new furniture was added. "That's why we were on the lookout for a solution that created ideal working conditions in terms of lighting, and whose design fitted in with the flair of the old building," explains company director Matthias Burkart. The firm also wanted a solution that created an acoustically pleasant working environment.


Round and square Nimbus Lighting Pads are now suspended from the ceilings of the architectural firm's offices. The formally sedate, geometric elements are not only acoustically effective but also create pleasantly glare-free, warm, even brilliant lighting at the workplace. The Lighting Pads convinced the architects due to their variable usage options and the perfect combination of design, lighting technology and acoustics.

"Due to the large number of individual elements, we opted for white Nimbus Pads. Their clear-cut geometric shapes and the discrete colours create an additional spatial element that fits in well with the existing architecture," says Burkart. Acoustic Pads only were used in the rear office wing, where they were joined by linear Nimbus Modul L suspended luminaires and Roxxane Office LED desk luminaires – the latter in particular are regarded as design icons and were recently the subject of an extensive product relaunch at Nimbus.


The interaction between lighting solution and acoustic element in one really appeals to our architects," says Burkart, who adds: "The wide-ranging freedom in terms of design always leads to lively discussions about other ways in which the elements could have been arranged." The employees expressed their satisfaction with the result of the redesign. As the architect commented: "There were already one or two Nimbus fans among our staff – and now the number has certainly grown!"

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Nimbus has belonged to the Häfele Group since 2019. Located in Nagold, the internationally operating specialist for furniture fittings and lighting is indispensable for furniture production and the carpentry trade, while the Stuttgart-based Nimbus Group is held in high regard in the architecture sector. Two target groups, two different worlds. And yet they have come together and boast a broad joint portfolio of lighting systems for rooms and furniture as well as integrated lighting and acoustics solutions. Product development in the fields of light and acoustics is centred in Stuttgart.


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