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26. September 2018

Historical Charm, innovative Interior
An open-plan office featuring innovative Rossoacoustic acoustic panels has been installed in a former artillery workshop on the Hanomag factory site in Hanover.

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The Hanomag works in Hanover is a striking redbrick ensemble and an impressive example of German industrial architecture in the early 20th century. Photo: Jörg Hempel<br />The architects developed a fitting acoustics concept to create ideal working conditions in the open, spacious rooms of the former factory hall. Photo: Jörg Hempel<br />The individual workplaces are separated from one another by partitions in the form of transparent honeycomb panels from the Rossoacoustic CP 30 system. Photo: Jörg Hempel<br />Acoustic pads from the Rossoacoustic PAD product family were installed under the ceiling to absorb sound. Photo: Jörg Hempel<br />When installed in rows, Rossoacoustic PADs achieve optimal effect and a clear-cut visual impression. Photo: Jörg Hempel <br />The architects based the colour scheme on Rohde & Schwarz's corporate identity, while adding a small number of dark blue highlights. Photo: Jörg Hempel<br />Rossoacoustic PADs offer diversity in form and colour with their characteristic soft embossing. Photo: Frank Ockert <br />Rossoacoustic PADs have distinctive soft embossing. This design feature creates a formal proximity to Nimbus LED luminaires. Photo: Frank Ockert<br />Rossoacoustic PADs are also available in PLUS versions (sound absorption class A). They can be suspended from the ceiling or mounted vertically with no trouble at all. Photo: Frank Ockert <br />Rossoacoustic CP30 is translucent and available in different versions (e.g. in the CP30 Frost or CP30 Clear version). Photo: Frank Ockert<br />The Rossoacoustic TP30 room partitioning system provides ample opportunities for customising using fabric and colours. The featherweight panels can be installed and combined in any imaginable constellation without the use of tools; colours can be chosen to match the interior. Photo: Frank Ockert<br />

Redbrick buildings, industrial charm and the spirit of days long past characterise the Hanomag factory site in Hanover, a notable example of German industrial architecture in the late 19th and early 20th century. Built in 1916, the former production halls are now mainly used by companies as office space. The new offices of the technology enterprise Rohde & Schwarz were set up in a former artillery workshop. BBU.PROJEKT ARCHITEKTEN from Hanover was charged with the task of transforming the open, spacious structure into a modern open-plan office, while maintaining its historical charm. Rossoacoustic PADs and panels were used to improve room acoustics.

Invisible yet highly effective

Optimisation of room acoustics was a major element in the redesign of the open-plan offices and cafeteria, which featured the inclusion of communication and quiet zones. "The reason why acoustic measurements are so important is that the effect of sound in a room is not visible. Solutions are often based on "gut instinct" and have either no effect at all or, in the worst case, have a negative impact on room acoustics," explains Gerd Sinz, an architect and project controller at Rossoacoustic. The new office for Rohde & Schwarz features partitions in the form of transparent honeycomb panels from the Rossoacoustic CP 30 system. These were used to acoustically separate groups of desks, communication zones and individual working areas from one another. Acoustic pads from the Rossoacoustic PAD product family absorb sound on the ceilings and walls, as do the coarsely textured lightweight wood wool panels under the ceiling.

Working in a relaxing Atmosphere

For this project, which was completed in 2017, BBU.PROJEKT ARCHITEKTEN decided to collaborate with Rossoacoustic because of the company's many years of in-depth expertise and, as the architects stressed, "due to the product's convincing mixture of acoustic effectiveness and transparent, lightweight aesthetics with an industrial touch". The very high quality of the products is complemented by exciting textures and colours. BBU.PROJEKT ARCHITEKTEN based the colour scheme for the innovative office design on the enterprise's corporate identity and added just a few clear shades of blue to create the occasional highlight. The result is modern, airy workplaces with a perfect acoustic effect and a pleasant surrounding atmosphere.

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Nimbus has belonged to the Häfele Group since 2019. Located in Nagold, the internationally operating specialist for furniture fittings and lighting is indispensable for furniture production and the carpentry trade, while the Stuttgart-based Nimbus Group is held in high regard in the architecture sector. Two target groups, two different worlds. And yet they have come together and boast a broad joint portfolio of lighting systems for rooms and furniture as well as integrated lighting and acoustics solutions. Product development in the fields of light and acoustics is centred in Stuttgart.


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