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Media information  NIMBUS GROUP

9. April 2019


BORA has built a new building in Austria and has fitted it out with Nimbus Modul R Project luminaires as well as the Rossoacoustic PAD system.

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The interior architects used Nimbus luminaires and acoustically-effective Rossoacoustic Pads in their planning for BORA's new offices in Niederndorf in Austria. BORA is renowned for its expertise in the field of kitchen ventilation systems. The products make a strong spatial impression in combination with the select materiality of the interiors. BORA is satisfied – the company's idea of a new-build with both regional references and a modern working environment has been realised in full. 

BORA is based in Raubling near Rosenheim and specialises in innovative solutions that substitute unwieldy extractor hoods over kitchen hobs: effective extractor systems remove cooking fumes and odours at the hob itself – before they are able to rise.

The firm wanted to transmit the uncompromising nature of its kitchen architecture to its own offices and in 2018 commissioned Guggenbichler und Wagenstaller Architekten from Rosenheim to construct a new site in Niederndorf in Austria. Nimbus contributed a special solution from the Modul R Project product range as well as elements from the Rossoacoustic PAD system. "It was important to the clients that the fittings in work rooms meet the latest standards," explained Dietrich Brennenstuhl, the Nimbus CEO. "Our products were used to make the atmosphere in the rooms as pleasant as possible for both staff and visitors."


The new-build was designed with sustainability in mind and serves BORA as an administration and training building. The building houses the firm's marketing, research and development, product management, corporate architecture and export departments as well as a development laboratory. The building's modern, clear-cut architectural idiom conveys the firm's corporate values to the outside world while also focusing on regional aspects. The façade is made of local larch tiles and lends the building warmth and character.


Simon Gafriller from Büro Werkhaus in Raubling was responsible for the interior architecture. A small number of select, reduced materials and a natural, authentic atmosphere define the work rooms. Gafriller combines raw concrete, natural wooden elements and elegant glass to exciting effect, thereby underlining the contrasts in materiality. Nimbus provided a special solution from the Modul R 600 Project range to ensure optimal lighting. The suspended luminaire has a round canopy whose wide-beam light distribution has a positive effect on biorhythms.


Conveying a sense of optical airiness, these slim luminaires complement the elements of the Rossoacoustic PAD system in terms of design. The elegant and flexible ceiling absorbers are acoustically-effective and can be adapted to individual situations by means of optimal positioning. Like the luminaires, they are suspended from the ceiling, their height can be adjusted without the need for tools and they create a pleasant acoustic atmosphere. As an expert in the field, Dietrich Brennenstuhl is sure of one thing: "Thorough planning of lighting and acoustics makes a major contribution to the well-being of employees." In fresh, discreet shades of green and light nuances, the luminaires and Pads create stimulating and pleasing highlights in the everyday office routine.


Individual room solutions were created for workplaces, corridors, conference rooms and the kitchen of the new BORA building using Nimbus products. Employees expressed their satisfaction with their new working environment. The new rooms possess an extraordinary functionality, which remains subtly in the background yet works to great effect.

About the Nimbus Group

With its Nimbus Lighting and Rossoacoustic brands, the Nimbus Group belongs to the Häfele Group under the management of Sibylle Thierer, Jörg Schmid and Dietrich F. Brennenstuhl. The Nimbus Group's focus is on design innovation, room and furniture lighting, and integrated light-acoustics solutions. The Nimbus Group is located in Stuttgart and employs a staff of 111.

About Häfele

Häfele is an internationally operating company headquartered in Nagold, Germany. The family firm was founded in 1923 and today provides furniture fittings, architectural hardware, electronic access control systems and LED light to the furniture industry, architects, planners, carpenters, cabinet makers and dealers in over 150 countries around the world. Häfele develops and manufactures in Germany and Hungary. With its 8,000 employees, 38 subsidiaries and numerous dealerships, the Häfele Group achieved a turnover of 1.39 billion euros worldwide in fiscal year 2010 with exports accounting for 79% of sales.

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