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31. März 2020

Two architectural offices have set up shop in a former Stuttgart textile factory. Nimbus products ensure light and concentration. 

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The Nimbus Lighting Pads suspended from the ceiling fulfil various functions at the same time. They are acoustically effective, provide direct and indirect light, and create a lively light effect on the ceiling.<br />Photo: weinbrenner.single.arabzadeh.architekten / D. TalebiIn the office work zones too, the Lighting Pads create a lively light effect and add a touch of flair to the ceiling. The staff was impressed by the high level of design quality and appealing materiality. Photo: weinbrenner.single.arabzadeh.architekten / D. TalebiLighting and acoustics solutions from Nimbus/Rossoacoustic: The Office Air floor-standing luminaire is a Nimbus classic for direct workplace lighting. Light quality, design and function all pass the test. The Rossoacoustic TP30 Silence panels installed between the workplaces are colourful, textile and acoustically effective room partitioning elements that create optimal conditions for focused and communicative working. Photo: weinbrenner.single.arabzadeh.architekten / D. TalebiEach Office Air floor-standing luminaire provides two workplaces with sufficient light. They also have indirect<br />lighting and contribute to the general lighting. Panels from the Rossoacoustic TP30 Silence range have been installed between the workplaces. These colourful, textile, acoustically effective room partitioning elements create optimal conditions for focused and communicative working. Photo: weinbrenner.single.arabzadeh.architekten / D. TalebiDouble-sided Air Maxx wall luminaires and suspended Squeeze luminaires introduce a clear yet warm<br />atmosphere to conference rooms. Photo: weinbrenner. single.arabzadeh.architekten / D. TalebiThe Lighting Pad R 600 in detail. Barely perceptible, high-performance LEDs have been recessed into the<br />fleece made of high-quality polyester. The luminaire also features indirect ceiling illumination. Photo:<br />Nimbus Group / Frank OckertLighting Pad: The high-performance LED (diameter 8 mm) is hardly perceptible at first glance yet displays<br />precision and a high quality of detail. Photo: Nimbus Group / Frank OckertLighting Pad: Characteristic interplay between light and surface: LEDs are integrated in the soft embossing of the acoustic fleece at specified distances. Hardly perceptible with the human eye, they surprise with their brilliant light quality. Photo: Nimbus Group / Frank OckertThe Rossoacoustic TP30 Silence panels installed between the workplaces are colourful, textile, acoustically effective room partitioning elements that provide optimal conditions for focused and communicative working Photo: Nimbus Group / Frank OckertEach Office Air floor-standing luminaire provides two workplaces with sufficient light. It also features indirect<br />lighting and therefore contributes to the general lighting. Photo: Nimbus Group / Frank OckertThe Air Maxx wall luminaire emits light on both sides and introduces a clear yet warm atmosphere to conference rooms. Photo: Nimbus Group / Frank OckertThe Squeeze suspended from the ceiling was designed by Karim Rashid and is an eye-catcher above tables and counters. Photo: Nimbus Group / Frank Ockert

The factory building in Seyfferstrasse in Stuttgart once produced children's clothes. This was the site where the textile company Bleyle knitted the sailor suits so popular at the turn of the century, before going on to become one of Germany's best-known underwear producers.

Constructed in the year 1911 by the architect Philipp Jakob Manz as a so-called daylight factory with large window openings, part of the building is now occupied by the architectural offices weinbrenner.single.arabzadeh and Orange Blu. The interior partitioning of the listed building has been carefully adapted to its new purpose. This included the addition of conference rooms, a kitchen and a model construction workshop used jointly by both offices. The work zones, however, are separated. The architects were also convinced by the fact that they were able to improve room acoustics and realise a harmonious lighting solution with products from a single source – namely from Nimbus. The design, precise detail and appealing materiality also met with great appreciation. Apart from the Lighting Pads, the architects also deployed Office Air floor-standing luminaires for the workplace, Squeeze suspended luminaires and sound-absorbing Rossoacoustic panels. The architects' offices are on the ground floor. When extending the rental spaces, both offices had the aim of creating a central communicative zone as a shared centre adjoining both office spaces. Conference rooms, two printing centres, a kitchen and a workshop are used synergistically. Industrial charm and high rooms characterise the well-lit, generously sized work zones.


Pleasant acoustics are created in this zone by the sound-absorbing Pads with integrated lighting – Nimbus Lighting Pads. Acoustically effective Rossoacoustic TP30 Silence room partitioning elements have also been installed. As architect Frank Marohn, the office manager at weinbrenner.single.arabzadeh, explains: "Thanks to the combination of panels and carpets, we have very good room acoustics although the large spaces are not partitioned. What's more, the indirect illumination of the ceiling combined with the Pads creates a lively light effect and adds a touch of flair to the overall impression of the underside of the ceiling."


In addition to Nimbus wall luminaires, slim, elegant Nimbus Office Air floor-standing luminaires were used for direct and indirect workplace lighting. These are among the most efficient floor-standing workplace luminaires in our wide-ranging portfolio. Here is what Marohn replied when asked about the company's reasons for selecting Nimbus products: "What makes the Nimbus luminaires stand out in our eyes is the outstanding light quality, a harmonious design and impressive function." The design-conscious staff is also impressed by the office's new atmosphere.

About Häfele and Nimbus
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Nimbus has belonged to the Häfele Group since 2019. Located in Nagold, the internationally operating specialist for furniture fittings and lighting is indispensable for furniture production and the carpentry trade, while the Stuttgart-based Nimbus Group is held in high regard in the architecture sector. Two target groups, two different worlds. And yet they have come together and boast a broad joint portfolio of lighting systems for rooms and furniture as well as integrated lighting and acoustics solutions. Product development in the fields of light and acoustics is centred in Stuttgart.


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