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2. August 2018

The Nimbus icons MODUL Q 36 and the new CUBIC 36 are now available as surface-mounted versions with simple dimming – ideal for lighting design in existing buildings.

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MODUL Q 36 FRAME and CUBIC 36 FRAME are available in classic black or white. Photo: Nimbus Group/Frank Ockert<br />MODUL Q 36 FRAME: The surface-mounted housing with its elegant contours frames the minimalistic MODUL Q 36. The luminaire is available in black or white. Photo: Nimbus Group/Frank Ockert<br />CUBIC 36 FRAME: The discreet CUBIC 36 is also framed by the surface-mounted housing. It is available in black or white. Photo: Nimbus Group/Frank Ockert<br />Thanks to the conical indentations with the uncovered LEDs behind, the MODUL Q 36 FRAME luminaires produces a brilliant yet glare-free light that requires no further diffuser. The unfiltered light emission also permits top levels of efficiency in lighting performance. Photo: Nimbus Group/Frank Ockert<br />Two surprisingly different features of the CUBIC 36 FRAME are its entirely closed harmonious surface and the even more strongly accentuated, serene, square form. The CUBIC completely blends in with the surrounding architecture and gives off a glare-free, pleasant and soft light. Photo: Nimbus Group/Frank Ockert<br />

The Nimbus portfolio of LED luminaires has been supplemented by two surface-mounted versions: the MODUL Q 36 FRAME and CUBIC 36 FRAME. They are simple to dim and therefore ideal for high-quality lighting design in existing buildings. The new products are characterised by their minimalistic, elegant design. The two new models incorporate leading/trailing edge dimming and only require a regular wall dimmer or, alternatively, a normal push-button or rotary dimmer switch. This means that existing building installations with three-core cables can be used without any problem – a simple matter of plug-and-play.


In existing buildings it was, and sometimes still is, difficult to retrofit LED luminaires while enjoying the accustomed level of lighting comfort with a dimming system. Not all buildings are equipped with the necessary five-core cables – and not everyone is particularly keen on wireless dimming. Nimbus has now closed the gap with MODUL Q 36 FRAME and CUBIC 36 FRAME: these two surfacemounted versions enable convenient dimming with three-core cables – an efficient and integrative lighting solution.


MODUL Q 36 goes back to the very origins of the Nimbus LED luminaire. Since its launch in 2006, the minimalistic MODUL Q 36 – together with the discreet CUBIC 36 – has remained extremely popular with architects and their clients who want efficient lighting with a restrained design. The word "Frame" added to the name aptly describes the design concept behind the two surface-mounted versions: "Our icon has been given a frame," said Nimbus founder and CEO Dietrich F. Brennenstuhl referring to the surface-mounted housing with its elegant contours that now harmoniously surrounds the luminaire. "It is the fusion of luminaire and housing to form a single object that constitutes the new development."

MODUL Q 36 FRAME and CUBIC 36 FRAME are available in classic black or white; the luminaire head is made of acrylic glass and features the characteristic Nimbus design; the surface-mounted housing is made of high-quality aluminium. Combined with black, a striking contrast is created on the ceiling; combined with white, the luminaire retreats completely into the background.


The elegant housing contours of MODUL Q 36 FRAME and CUBIC 36 FRAME were developed in the same style as the new Q ONE, Q FOUR and Q FOUR TT ceiling luminaires, which will be launched in autumn 2018 and, with dimensions of 128 x 128 millimetres, will have the same basis. Dietrich F. Brennenstuhl is convinced: "This basic square form with its serene and integrative design forms the bridge between our various types of luminaire and will once again give architects and lighting designers a larger playing field on which to realise their idea."


Whereas the MODUL Q 36 FRAME and CUBIC 36 FRAME surface-mounted versions feature integrated leading/trailing edge dimming and therefore have everything "on board", Nimbus is now offering a solution for dimming – also new – with a three-core cable for just about the entire Nimbus portfolio. Here, an external 75 W central converter is used for dimming. Adaptive leading/trailing edge dimming also requires a regular push-button or rotary dimmer switch.

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Nimbus has belonged to the Häfele Group since 2019. Located in Nagold, the internationally operating specialist for furniture fittings and lighting is indispensable for furniture production and the carpentry trade, while the Stuttgart-based Nimbus Group is held in high regard in the architecture sector. Two target groups, two different worlds. And yet they have come together and boast a broad joint portfolio of lighting systems for rooms and furniture as well as integrated lighting and acoustics solutions. Product development in the fields of light and acoustics is centred in Stuttgart.


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