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21. Mai 2019

The Roxxane is one of the most successful Nimbus luminaire's in the company's history. In May she is all set for a relaunch – with better lighting performance and in new colours.

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Roxxane from Nimbus – the timeless Roxxane LED desk luminaire is regarded by many as a design icon and it cuts a particularly fine figure in modern, puristic surroundings. Its classical design was left untouched, but many other aspects were optimized: lighting performance, lighting power and colour selection. Photo: Frank OckertNoble presence: Roxxane Office from Nimbus. One new feature is the new "dark bronze" colour shade. In the Office version, the diffuser is longer than in the Home version and ensures perfect illumination of work surfaces. Luminous flux 1500 lm. Design: Rupert Kopp, Photo: Frank OckertThe Roxxane Office from Nimbus is an extremely manoeuvrable LED desk luminaire whose functionality and flexibility were major factors in its becoming a design icon. The timeless design remains, the colour "dark bronze" is new. Design: Rupert Kopp, Photo: Frank OckertThe Roxxane Home reading luminaire is somewhat more compact and features a square diffuser. It fits perfectly into a home office or a personal reading nook. Nimbus has also optimized the lighting performance in this version and offers the new shade of "dark bronze". Design: Rupert Kopp,<br />Photo: Frank OckertThe new Roxxane Home in matt white – timelessly elegant. The body and arm of the luminaire are made of aluminium and are powder-coated; the base is made of steel. 900 lumens and a colour rendering index of RA >90 make reading a real pleasure. Design: Rupert Kopp, Photo: Frank Ockert"We love Roxxane" – when Nimbus used this slogan to launch the highly manoeuvrable workplace luminaire in 2012, it immediately won the hearts of all lovers of design. The beloved classic has now been relaunched with a fresh impulse and many improvements, not to the design but to the lighting technology and colour. The photo shows the Roxxane Office in the new shade of matt white.<br />Design: Rupert Kopp, Photo: Frank OckertNimbus has raised the new Roxxane Office to a new level in terms of lighting performance: the lighting power, lighting performance and colour rendering have all been improved. The classical design remains; matt white and "dark bronze" have been added to the colour range.<br />Design: Rupert Kopp, Photo: Frank OckertIs and always has been an absolute best-seller from Nimbus: the Roxxane Office in neon red. The Office version will continue to be offered in this colour but with optimized lighting technology.<br />Design: Rupert Kopp, Photo: Frank OckertA detailed view of the characteristic acrylic diffuser of the Roxxane Office workplace luminaire. The luminaire can be conveniently switched and dimmed using the touchless gesture control. Design: Rupert Kopp, Photo: Frank OckertIs and always has been an absolute best-seller from Nimbus: the Roxxane Office in neon red. The Office version will continue to be offered in this colour but with optimized lighting technology. Design: Rupert Kopp, Photo: Frank Ockert

"I love Roxxane" – this was the claim with which Nimbus started the most successful luminaire campaign in the company's history for the puristic and extremely manoeuvrable Roxxane desk luminaire. The popular best-seller is now ready for a fresh start: in new colours and – above all – with significantly improved lighting power and lighting quality. 

 The timeless Roxxane LED desk luminaire is regarded by many as a design icon and up until quite recently put in many a notable appearance: for example it was accepted into Die Neue Sammlung, one of the largest design collections in the world. She was also included in the "100 years of adjustable light" exhibition at Cologne's Museum of Applied Arts (2019), where she enriched the circle of 40 luminaires from different periods with her minimalistic appearance. Roxxane can also be found in an experimental, pioneering context – she lights the Urban Mining and Recycling (UMAR) experimental unit opened in 2018, where she supports the experimental residential unit's sustainability concept with her timelessness and energy-efficiency. 

The "We love Roxxane" slogan created by Nimbus seven years ago definitely applies to her target group, which has found a wide range of different uses for her – at the workplace, in reading nooks, in the home office and even on the bedside table. It is her flexibility and her design compatible with any interior style that make her so versatile.



As the Nimbus CEO Dietrich Brennenstuhl recalls: "Everybody wanted to have her. When Roxxane was launched in 2012, she achieved the highest sales figures that a Nimbus luminaire had ever recorded." 

Over the years, the development team asked itself time and time again how a long-term seller like the Roxxane could be improved – this was the time when a great deal of work was already being done on the innovative, battery-powered and cableless Roxxane Leggera CL range and other models. 


Nimbus decided to leave the Roxxane's outer appearance untouched and to simply offer new colours with the new edition – a matt white and dark, warm shade of bronze: "dark bronze". But like every love, our love for Roxxane craved a new impulse. The new edition was thoroughly enhanced in terms of its lighting performance and light quality: as a result of the increase in luminous flux to 900 lumens for Roxxane Home and to a sensational 1500 lumens for Roxxane Office, the two versions now shine almost twice as brightly as before. The colour rendering was also optimized (CRI update to >90) and raised to the highest standard.

One particular detail that Nimbus has emphasised regarding Roxxane's technical makeover is that it is now suitable for video conferences and 100% flicker-free – which also makes it ideal for filming.


The Roxxane workplace luminaire is available in the versions Roxxane Home and Roxxane Office. The Office version also comes without a base but with table clamps for tabletop mounting. 

Classic meets classic: special adapters enable mounting of the Roxxane Office on various USM Haller desks. The Office version also differs from Roxxane Home in its wider diffuser for more efficient lighting of work surfaces. Furthermore, it is the only model available in neon red. All versions of the Roxxane feature touchless gesture control – an extremely convenient way of operating and dimming the luminaire intuitively. 

Roxxane was designed and developed in collaboration with the Berlin designer Rupert Kopp. 

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Nimbus has belonged to the Häfele Group since 2019. Located in Nagold, the internationally operating specialist for furniture fittings and lighting is indispensable for furniture production and the carpentry trade, while the Stuttgart-based Nimbus Group is held in high regard in the architecture sector. Two target groups, two different worlds. And yet they have come together and boast a broad joint portfolio of lighting systems for rooms and furniture as well as integrated lighting and acoustics solutions. Product development in the fields of light and acoustics is centred in Stuttgart.


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