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3. Mai 2018

Working in the Cloud

New conference areas and quiet zones boost employee well-being at Ströer.

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"News Inspiration Emotion" – these are the words on the wall in the conference area of Ströer's redesigned offices. High-quality Nimbus luminaires and Rossoacoustic acoustic pads were used in the office refurbishment to create an inspiring, quiet and light working atmosphere for the employees.

The topic of "new working environments" is currently on everyone's lips as it has been recognised that the spatial environment has a major influence on employees' sense of well-being and consequently on the results of their work. Global corporations such as Apple, Google and Co. have been leading the way: their employees sit in playfully designed, open and light-flooded rooms that hardly make one think of work anymore. Ströer SE & Co. KGaA, a digital multi-channel media company, had its offices refurbished from top to bottom and hired designfunktion, a firm of interior architects from Bonn, to do the job. Ströer News Publishing GmbH wanted the redesign to feature new conference areas and opportunities for their employees to retreat. The interior architects also designed a new light and acoustics concept for the rooms, whereby they opted for luminaires and acoustic pads from the Stuttgart-based Nimbus Group.

Acoustic Comfort

"I had planned a number of projects with Nimbus and Rossoacoustic in the past and it's great to be able to tackle all of the lighting and acoustic challenges with a single company," explains Tobias Pagel, head of the planning and design and department at designfunktion. The key role played by lighting and acoustics in working environments is often not appreciated until something goes wrong. However, careful light and acoustics planning in offices make a major contribution to users' sense of well-being. The planners carried out various acoustic measurements to find out how they could reduce noise and achieve the best possible results for the Ströer office spaces. Parameters such as the number of people in the room, room partitioning, furniture and usage determined the acoustics concept. "The acoustics planning was a very important point in the design of the office as we had only planned open-space workplaces. These only work as a whole if there is a satisfactory acoustics concept," explains Tobias Pagel. The solution is round Rossoacoustic Pads in various colours suspended from the ceiling. These dampen noise and generate pleasant acoustics. The elegant Pads also provide the office with an aesthetic highlight.

Delicate Clouds of Light

The Ströer location in Berlin delivers editorial content to Ströer media, desktops and mobiles throughout the whole of Germany. The newsroom is the centrepiece of the premises. Picking up on this idea, the architects and interior architects from designfunktion used products from the Rossoacoustic Pad system and Nimbus Modul R Project luminaires. They evoke associations with delicate summer clouds hovering high above the heads of the employees and give a tangible quality to the Cloud philosophy behind the digitally produced information. Pads and luminaires with a similar form combine to create a harmonious overall impression in the office: Tobias Pagel reports: "Using the broad spectrum of Nimbus luminaires, we were able to pick up on the major difference in the various zones and areas in the office space without losing an overall design concept." Besides the conventional desktop workplaces, there are also conference rooms, communication zones and areas where employees can retreat and be on their own.

With a keen eye for detail, the interior architects designed each of these different areas with a particular theme. For example a cinema and a table tennis room were included in the spatial concept in addition to a ski cabin, a gym and a tree house. In other words, surroundings that stimulate creativity and are perfectly illuminated. Tobias Pagel, too, is very satisfied with the result: "The new design with Nimbus luminaires has enhanced the spatial quality enormously. In fact, along with acoustics, lighting was a very important point in the overall concept." The result is a modern, up-to-date and functional new working environment in which people can concentrate on thinking and working creatively without disturbance.

The Building at a Glance

Refurbishment of an office building, Berlin

Ströer SE & Co. KGaA

Interior architect:
designfunktion, Bonn

Nimbus products used
Modul R 900
Modul R 600
Modul R 340
Modul R 280
Force One Power floor-standing luminaire
Roxxane Leggera CL
Modul R 9, surface-mounted
Modul R 49, surface-mounted
Modul R 64, surface-mounted

Rossoacoustic products used
Rossoacoustic Pad R 1200
Rossoacoustic Pad R 900
Rossoacoustic Pad R 600

About the Nimbus Group

With its Nimbus Lighting and Rossoacoustic brands, the Nimbus Group belongs to the Häfele Group under the management of Sibylle Thierer, Jörg Schmid and Dietrich F. Brennenstuhl. The Nimbus Group's focus is on design innovation, room and furniture lighting, and integrated light-acoustics solutions. The Nimbus Group is located in Stuttgart and employs a staff of 111.

About Häfele

Häfele is an internationally operating company headquartered in Nagold, Germany. The family firm was founded in 1923 and today provides furniture fittings, architectural hardware, electronic access control systems and LED light to the furniture industry, architects, planners, carpenters, cabinet makers and dealers in over 150 countries around the world. Häfele develops and manufactures in Germany and Hungary. With its 8,000 employees, 38 subsidiaries and numerous dealerships, the Häfele Group achieved a turnover of 1.39 billion euros worldwide in fiscal year 2010 with exports accounting for 79% of sales.

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