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Media information  Werner Sobek AG

29. September 2021

Dressed in black

Werner Sobek has undertaken a comprehensive relaunch to radically transform its online presence.

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For almost three decades now, the internationally operating Werner Sobek enterprise has been committed to the search for innovations in the fields of engineering, design and sustainability. Besides containing many first-class, inspiring reference reports, the company's new, elegantly designed website ( also conveys Werner Sobek's attitude to key future challenges“ not only in construction. The company's new online presence provides an inviting, state-of-the-art stage for future-related issues and comments from Werner Sobek, such as the well-known "Building a Sustainable Future –17 Statements".

Usage habits in the digital world are constantly changing. Increased mobile usage in particular calls for more adaptable website concepts. The new website of Werner Sobek is ideally suited to such changing needs thanks to its intuitive menu guidance. "We have comprehensively redesigned our company's online presence and implemented a whole range of new features," explains Dr. Frank Heinlein, Director Business Communication of Werner Sobek. "Our new website provides a suitable stage for commenting on many key issues facing our society."

Focus on future-related issues

A central element of the new website is the new section entitled "Topics". This is where Werner Sobek focuses on selected content which is of particular significance to the enterprise. In the style of a magazine and featuring plenty of photos, there are articles on topics such as "The Future of Construction", the megatrend "Recycling Materials" or the above-mentioned "Building a Sustainable Future – 17 Statements". The latter is taken from the Zumtobel Group's "Artistic Annual Report", which Prof. Sobek recently produced together with the buero uebele company for visual communication. Werner Sobek uses these statements to highlight the urgently needed transformation in construction: "These statements are intended to warn, enlighten and outline perspectives. They aim to create awareness and initiate a targeted discussion on our joint future."

Another section of the new website is entitled "Focus". Visitors to the website receive a detailed "look behind the scenes" regarding selected projects. The services provided by Werner Sobek as well as special features of the project are explained with photos, texts, drawings and videos. For example, the Heydar Aliyev Center in Baku shows how geometrically extremely complex designs can be made realisable. The background report on the Urban Mining & Recycling (UMAR) experimental unit, realised by Werner Sobek on the NEST experimental campus in Switzerland, demonstrates how responsible use of our natural resources can be combined with appealing architecture.

Worldwide quality construction

The new website dedicates a lot of space to the various projects designed by Werner Sobek in the last three decades. This stimulating, visually stunning section immerses interested visitors in reference projects realised around the world from the National Museum of Qatar and the Laktha Center in Saint Petersburg through to the ThyssenKrupp test tower in Rottweil. With over 350 employees around the world, Werner Sobek supports architects and their clients as well as project developers and contractors along the entire process chain, from the initial conceptual ideas through to implementation planning and quality assurance on the construction site. The company's references include projects with leading architects such as Christoph Ingenhoven, Sauerbruch Hutton, Ole Scheeren, UNStudio, Zaha Hadid Architects and many more.

Always up-to-date

Other essential components of the new website include a detailed careers section, up-to-date press reports and an informative newsroom with selected news items concerning Werner Sobek. The "Media" section features the company's latest podcasts and videos.

Successful implementation

The new website was realised by the Berlin-based bleech agency. Taking the screen designs provided by Werner Sobek as their basis, the developers programmed a site that is easy to maintain and simple to extend. "bleech understood our design and our concept straightaway before taking up the baton and realising our website in a highly professional manner," says Sophie-Theres Hartwig, who was responsible for screen design in her role of brand manager at Werner Sobek. The Berlin-based web designer and blogger Eric Sturm, who specialises in the construction and architecture sectors, provided support during the conceptual design, creating the specifications, the request for proposals and selection of the agency. "The interaction with our partners was extremely productive. We are all very proud of what we have achieved," emphasises Dr. Frank Heinlein.

We cordially invite you to explore the new Werner Sobek website:

Stuttgart, September 2021
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About Werner Sobek AG

Founded by Werner Sobek in 1992, the company is internationally synonymous with engineering, design and sustainability and employs over 350 employees with offices located in Berlin, Buenos Aires, Dubai, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Istanbul, Moscow, New York, Stuttgart and Vienna. Every Werner Sobek project is characterized by a winning combination of outstanding design and premium engineering, incorporating ingenious concepts to minimize the use of energy and material resources.
Werner Sobek AG is run under the management of Roland Bechmann, Prof. Dr. Lucio Blandini, Stephen Hagenmayer and Prof. Dr. Thomas Winterstetter. Prof. Dr. Werner Sobek acts as Chairman of the Supervisory Board.

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