Wall and floor

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Our press releases, press information and press releases in the Wall + Floor area include the following topics:

Materials for wall and floor coverings:
We present various materials that can be used for wall and floor design. Our texts highlight aspects such as ceramic tiles, Natural stone, parquet, vinyl, carpet and other floor coverings. We show what properties and advantages these materials offer and how they translate into can be used in different rooms and areas of application.

Innovative wall design:
We provide information about innovative approaches and techniques for wall design. Our texts deal with topics such as wall coverings, Wall paints, wallpaper, wall panels and wall coatings. We present modern designs, structured surfaces and creative design options that go with it contribute to creating unique and inspiring spaces.

Sustainable solutions for walls and floors:
We highlight the importance of sustainability in wall and floor design. Treat our lyrics environmentally friendly materials, resource-saving production, recycling options and sustainable certifications. We introduce companies that are innovative Offer solutions for sustainable wall and floor design and show how sustainable practices can have a positive impact on the environment and the health of residents can affect.

Design and aesthetics:
We present inspiring designs and aesthetic concepts for wall and floor design. Our texts show how colors, patterns, Textures and shapes can shape the atmosphere and character of a room. We present design ideas that suit individual style and preferences Reflecting people and allowing them to bring their personal touch to their living or working spaces.

We offer tailor-made solutions for companies, architects, interior designers, builders and other players in the sector. Our content may be placed in trade journals, online media, home interiors magazines, blog posts and other publications for maximum reach and achieve visibility.