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8. Mai 2023

Far removed from the yodelling style
Smart networked lighting from Häfele at Lechtaler Dirndl & Tracht in Genderkingen

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<p><span>Feel-good zone: After 25 years, the reception area of Lechtaler Dirndl &amp; Tracht was completely modernised within a renovation time of just two and a half weeks. It now welcomes its customers with clear lines and an inviting light atmosphere. Photo: Lechtaler Dirndl &amp; Tracht GmbH &amp; Co. KG</span><span></span></p><p><span>Light, depending on the mood: Nimbus Q Four Connect lights form a unit together with H&auml;fele Loox 5 LED light strips. The lighting units are connected via the smart H&auml;fele Connect Mesh system, which makes precision control of the entire lighting system possible via an app. Photo: Lechtaler Dirndl &amp; Tracht GmbH &amp; Co. KG</span><span></span></p><p><span>The oak veneer with the rough and irregular embossing which is used over wide areas makes an approachable, natural and sophisticated impression. Pleasant accents are set by wall areas made from a fleece covered with real hay and dark tones. Photo: Lechtaler Dirndl &amp; Tracht GmbH &amp; Co. KG</span><span></span></p><p><span>Soft, warm light from off stage: Loox 5 LED light strips have been invisibly integrated underneath the counter and enhance the elegant appearance of the natural-looking wooden front. Photo: Lechtaler Dirndl &amp; Tracht GmbH &amp; Co. KG</span><span></span></p><p><span>Light, integrated in the furniture: The colours and materials of the hats look extremely vivid in the custom-made presentation boxes with strip lights from H&auml;fele. Photo: Lechtaler Dirndl &amp; Tracht GmbH &amp; Co. KG</span><span></span></p><p><span>Real eye-catchers on the sales floor: jewellery showcases complement the existing presentation system and enhance the materiality and appearance of the new reception area of Lechtaler Dirndl &amp; Tracht. Photo: Lechtaler Dirndl &amp; Tracht GmbH &amp; Co. KG</span><span></span></p>

Traditional costume fashion has experienced a real hype in recent years. Dirndls or Lederhosen are the “in” thing at folk festivals all over Germany, and the traditional costume labels make a point of being up to date. The Mair family has been running their Lechtaler Dirndl & Tracht business in the municipality of Genderkingen in the Donau-Ries district since 1976. Managing director Jens Mair started to redesign his premises in 2022, and wants to make the same impression as the fashion designers: to preserve traditions, but do it in a contemporary way. He has been assisted in his endeavours by Martin Maierhofer, a master carpenter from Rain, who designed and implemented a new room and lighting concept for the reception area in the shop. Lights from Häfele and Nimbus have been used – smartly interconnected via the Häfele Connect Mesh system.

“We sat down together and discussed everything down to the smallest detail. The contents of every individual drawer were defined beforehand.” Martin Maierhofer reports enthusiastically on the outstanding cooperation with his client. The result of the exact planning is a new reception area for the shop which welcomes customers with appreciation. The combination of clear lines, room design and a modern design language was particularly important to the client. At the same time, everything had to have a warm effect. “Just like in a good hotel,” explains Maierhofer. The subject of light plays an important part for the inviting effect of the room, but also for the goods that are presented. The white of the dirndl blouses now really stands out, and the colours and materials of the rest of the clothing and jewellery or accessories appear natural and appealing.

Special materials in a special light

There is room for the cash register system in the new reception area, and also for office accessories, packaging materials and a storage facility for change orders. The main visible surfaces are made from oak. For this, Martin Maierhofer used a special board material with a haptically appealing structure consisting of grooves and indentations that is irregularly embossed using rollers. He combined these surfaces with another unusual material with a natural effect – a wall fleece made from real hay. This is complemented by darker accents: The counter and other horizontal elements have an anthracite-coloured slate look, whereas the furniture handles, sockets and lights create elegant contrasts in matt black. The interior of the furniture has been kept in plain white. The existing ceiling structure was removed and replaced by a new ceiling with a cove lighting with an accompanying depth effect. The floor was recovered with concrete object tiles.

Team “Everything for good light”: Häfele, Nimbus and the project participants

During the planning of the lighting, the project participants were just as detail-oriented as they were during the furniture planning. Lighting is particularly important in the retail sector – shop owner Jens Mair also wanted to put everything in the best light for his customers. Master carpenter Maierhofer first found out about the possibility of connecting Nimbus and Häfele lighting products via Häfele Connect Mesh and therefore controlling them wirelessly via an app, by remote control or using a wall mounted push button at a Häfele road show. The Häfele Connect Mesh system consists of intelligent components for connecting devices, systems and network platforms. Maierhofer kept in contact with Häfele, and was first shown the variants of the versatile Nimbus Q Four family in his workshop. On-site testing of the exact lighting qualities in the new rooms then took place with the client and the lighting specialists from Häfele and Nimbus. The goal was to create a light atmosphere that was as precise as possible, but adaptable to different requirements. Different products from Nimbus and Häfele are now used. The indirect lighting from the cove lighting in the ceiling above the reception area and the soft, warm light on the counter front were implemented using Häfele’s Loox 5 LED light system. Nimbus Q Four Connect Track, Nimbus Q Four Connect In and Nimbus Q Four Connect TT were also fitted to the ceiling. These can be individually controlled, their light colour can be dynamically varied thanks to tunable white, and they can be pre-programmed for different light scenarios. Häfele took care of the programming of the Mesh App.

Jewels within a jewel

Beyond the reception area, Martin Maierhofer has also already taken the first steps in the approximately 1,000 square metres of retail area. Lovingly designed jewellery and accessory boxes, with soft illumination in the interior using Häfele strip lights, have become attractive eye-catchers between the clothes rails. Other measures are planned on the retail area and in the office.Maierhofer had only two and a half weeks to implement the project. The responsibility for the entire construction phase was on his shoulders. Together with his open-minded client Jens Mair, Elektrotechnik Lichtenstern (Lichtenstern electrical engineering), Malerwerkstätte Rucker (Rucker painting workshop) and also Häfele and Nimbus, this succeeded with barely a hitch. When the tiles that were originally laid in the reception area were removed, all that was lost was the screed. “But that was actually an advantage. Without further ado, my client decided to install underfloor heating, meaning that the old radiators disappeared from the shop window area. Which also makes the shop windows look much nicer,” concludes the joiner with a wink.


Client: Lechtaler Dirndl & Tracht GmbH & Co. KG, Jens Mair, Genderkingen
Specialist planning and implementation of interior fittings: Schreinerei Maierhofer, Martin Maierhofer, Rain-Staudheim
Lighting planning: Schreinerei Maierhofer with the support of Nimbus Group GmbH and Häfele SE & Co KG
Electrics: Lichtenstern Elektrotechnik,
RainPainting work: Malerwerkstätte Rucker, RainImplementation: 2023
Total area: cash desk area: approx. 52 sqm, jewellery department: approx. 50 sqm

Products used

  • Nimbus Q Four Connect lN recess mounted downlights
  • Nimbus Q Four Connect TT Track ceiling lights
  • Häfele Loox5 (multi-white) warm white 2700K to cool white 5000 K + drivers, connecting, extension and mains leads, adapters
  • Häfele Connect Mesh 6-way distributor
  • LED strip light in silicone tube (monochrome) for groove
  • Designer recessed profiles 3103 for LED strips + linear lens, positioning aid for LED strips
  • Designer surface mounted profiles 4106 for LED strips, flush installation, diffuser lens
  • Wall mounted push button, Häfele Connect Mesh 4-way

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