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14. Dezember 2020

An extra toilet for small bathrooms
The new TOTO toilets fit perfectly into bathrooms of every size, whether large, small or just for guests. TOTO introduces the new RP Compact toilet, the latest in the bestselling RP series – designed especially for small bathrooms.

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The round RP Compact toilet is the smaller version of the tried and tested TOTO RP toilet, the perfect fit for small and guest bathrooms. Photo: TOTOThe RP Compact has a rimless toilet bowl, the powerful cyclone TORNADO FLUSH, and the especially smooth, durable and long-lasting CEFIONTECT glaze. Photo: TOTOThe GP toilet is new to the collection, and blends seamlessly into practically every interior. Photo: TOTOLike all toilets rom the Japanese manufacturer, the GP features special hygiene technologies that keep it as clean as on the very first day. Photo: TOTOThe new TOTO toilets fit perfectly into every space, whether large, small or just for guests. Especially for small bathrooms: the new RP Compact. Photo: TOTO

Living space is scarce and expensive. This often means that building plans earmark just a few square metres for the bathroom. This is why TOTO decided to launch a smaller version of the successful RP toilet: In January 2021, TOTO is introducing the RP Compact – specifically designed for small and guest bathrooms. Also new to the collection is the streamlined, elegant GP toilet, which blends effortlessly into just about every interior.

Ideal for small and guest bathrooms

The round RP Compact is dubbed “the little extra” – it is the smaller version of the tried and tested TOTO RP toilet, designed to fit perfectly in small and guest bathrooms. It can be combined with an extra slim seat, which seamlessly blends in with the rest of the toilet to appear as one unit. This versatile toilet complements practically every space. 

Also new in the TOTO collection is the GP, with a balanced, harmonious design. Like every toilet sold by the Japanese manufacturer, it features special hygiene technologies that keep it as clean as on the very first day.

Featuring the latest TOTO toilet technologies

Both the RP Compact and GP toilets feature a rimless bowl, the powerful cyclone TORNADO FLUSH as well as the especially smooth, durable and long-lasting CEFIONTECT glaze. This prevents bacteria and germs from accumulating, keeping the ceramic clean over an extended period of time. TOTO also created its extra slim seat out of robust urea resin to ensure long-lasting stability and the utmost in comfort.

Cleanliness and hygiene

After intensive research and development, TOTO claims that its toilets are among “the most hygienic available on the market, meeting all standards recommended for hospitals recommended by the Robert Koch Institute”. 

TOTO’s products are increasingly used not only in private homes, but also in restaurants, hotels, public spaces and especially healthcare facilities. Hygiene professor Klaus-Dieter Zastrow evaluated TOTO’s toilet hygiene technologies, specifically the innovative “circulating” TORNADO FLUSH, in a recent study: “This flush cleans practically every square centimetre several times,” the expert explained. “The water circulates, which keeps it in the toilet. This circular motion also keeps germs from spreading throughout the bathroom.”

This is important when we consider that our consciousness for hygiene is likely to change for good. TOTO’s new developments offer solutions that lead to improved health and comfort – even under the toughest conditions.  

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Düsseldorf, December 2020
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