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1. März 2023

Japanese perfection – TOTO presents new NEOREST prototype
TOTO introduces a new smart toilet with integrated WASHLET just in time for ISH 2023: NEOREST WX.

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<p><span>NEOREST WX. The high-end toilet with integrated WASHLET features all hygiene and comfort technologies. Photo: TOTO</span><span></span></p><p><span>Streamlined and simply elegant, NEOREST WX is a beautiful addition to any bathroom interior. It can be combined with rounded or angular elements. Photo: TOTO</span><span></span></p>

Perfection is part of how people live in Japan. It’s an expression of respect for others – reflected in private life, the ways in which people prepare food, or serve tea in a beautifully choreographed ceremony. It’s also present in industry, in which “Kaizen” is exemplified as a working philosophy and a methodological concept. At its core is a continuous striving for improvement, optimisation and perfection.

Masterful expertise in many areas

Examples include handmade Japanese knives of unparalleled quality in Damascus steel, or Japanese Kobe beef that makes connoisseurs swoon. Japanese products in the robotics and consumer electronics sectors are also considered among the best in the world.

Japanese bathroom producer TOTO follows in this tradition of striving for perfection with NEOREST WX – and will introduce the prototype at ISH. The designers and engineers have worked to create a perfect WASHLET in terms of both technology and design.

Perfect design and functionality

This idea of perfection manifests itself in the NEOREST Collection prototype to be introduced at ISH 2023. This development is based on over 40 years of experience and over 60 million WASHLET units produced to date. All cleansing and hygiene technologies from the latest WASHLET generation are incorporated – but the design hides all of this sophisticated engineering from view. This latest top-class NEOREST model delivers an all-encompassing feeling of cleanliness inspired by Japan’s unique hygiene practices. Both the design and technology in NEOREST WX were enhanced to create this new prototype.

Streamlined, minimalistic and timelessly elegant, NEOREST WX is a beautiful addition to any interior. Gently curved and harmoniously designed, the new model is a true all-rounder for luxury bathrooms.

All hygiene and comfort technologies united in NEOREST WX

NEOREST WX features the EWATER+ hygiene technology developed by TOTO: The wand jet used for intimate cleansing automatically cleans itself inside and out with electrolysed water – before and after use, but also regularly when in standby. This reduces bacterial formation and ensures hygienic conditions at all times. The ceramic bowl is sprayed with EWATER+ after each use to guarantee the greatest possible hygiene.

New NEOREST WX from TOTO uses very little water – just 4.5 litres per flush – and offers all hygiene and comfort technologies found in newer models. It is essentially touch-free, with a lid that raises and closes automatically, and an automatic flush. It’s possible to store individual settings in four user profiles. A remote control makes it easy to activate the various functionalities, which it provides in multiple languages: English, German, French and Italian. A LED light under the ceramic makes NEOREST WX easy to see in the dark.

TOTO is ushering in a new dimension of cleanliness and hygiene in the bathroom with NEOREST WX. It makes this personal everyday moment the perfect escape from everyday life – even outside of Japan.


WHAT IS NEOREST?At TOTO, we consider NEOREST products to be the pinnacle of professional design, technology and craftsmanship.The TOTO NEOREST Collection is the most innovative design-oriented product range in our portfolio – with elegant, nature-inspired designs, state-of-the-art technology, top performance and extraordinary comfort.TOTO believes that the bathroom should be a refreshing place for people to relax and escape the stresses of everyday life – a place where daily bathing rituals can be transformed into enriching experiences.NEOREST WX is the manifestation of this philosophy.


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TOTO, one of the world’s leading sanitary ware companies, has an unwavering focus on people and their well-being. Established in Kitakyushu, Japan in 1917, TOTO has been developing, producing and marketing its comprehensive high-end bathroom concepts for the European market since 2009. The company aims to create a new attitude towards life through regeneration, comfort and hygiene, integrating technologies into their product designs in a smart, nearly invisible way. Japan’s leading manufacturer in the sector, TOTO offers a comprehensive range of products including ceramic sanitary ware, faucets and accessories. The company can now look back on over 40 years of developing and manufacturing WASHLET and has sold over 60 million units worldwide to date. TOTO supports the development of a fully emission-free society and is very committed to sustainability: By joining the RE100 initiative, TOTO Group will convert all of its facilities to power from sustainable energy sources by the year 2040. The company also received certification from the Science Based Targets Initiative (SBT) to reduce greenhouse gases in line with the Paris Agreement, and to systematically cut CO2 emissions further on this basis. TOTO employs 36,000 people world-wide.

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