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24. Oktober 2022

A legendary hotel starts a new life
Ava Gardner and Ernest Hemingway used to stay at Hotel Imperator in the southern French city of Nimes. TOTO WASHLET delivers the ultimate comfort and hygiene in the wellness-inspired bathrooms in this completely renovated five-star hotel.

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<p><span>French-Argentinian architect Marcelo Joulia redesigned &ldquo;Hotel L'Imperator&rdquo; in collaboration with the Paris-based architecture and design firm Atelier COS. Photo: &copy;STEFAN KRAUS</span><span></span></p><p><span>The luxurious five-star hotel was built in the Art D&eacute;co style of the 1920s. Today, it is home to three restaurants run by Michelin-star chef Pierre Gagnaire, a spa, and indoor and outdoor pools. Photo: &copy;STEFAN KRAUS</span><span></span></p><p><span>Located in the heart of N&icirc;mes, the hotel is a quiet refuge that offers guests complete privacy &ndash; down to the exclusive bathrooms. Photo: &copy;STEFAN KRAUS</span><span></span></p><p><span>Architect Marcelo Joulia designed the bathrooms in beige natural stone, brass and elegant marble. Photo: &copy;STEFAN KRAUS<br /></span><span></span></p><p><span>The bathrooms at Hotel Imperator all feature one of TOTO&rsquo;s top products: WASHLET. The shower toilet from the Japanese bathroom manufacturer is a perfect fit in these high-end bathrooms. Photo: TOTO</span><span></span></p><p><span>Like many luxury hotel owners, the Albar familiy decided to work with TOTO. The Japanese bathroom manufacturer is synonymous with design, hygiene and outstanding comfort all around the world. Photo: &copy;STEFAN KRAUS</span><span></span></p>

The Centaurus Group and their boutique hotel brand, Maison Albar Hotels, have brought “Hotel L'Imperator” in Nîmes back to life. After around 20 months of renovations, the legendary hotel once again offers its discerning guests extraordinary comfort – just a few steps away from the tourist highlights of the Southern French city. The famed Roman Arena, Maison Carrée and Jardin de la Fontaine are just around the corner.

Nîmes is known as the “Rome of France” for its many well-maintained structures from Roman times. Guests will find Imperator a comfortable oasis ideally situated in the heart of this fascinating city. When they walk through the doors of the city’s most famous hotel, they will find a world of effortless luxury: 53 rooms, eight private homes and a splendid garden spanning over 1,000 m2. The hotel was built in the Art Déco style of the 1920s. Today, it is home to three restaurants run by Michelin-star chef Pierre Gagnaire, a spa, and indoor and outdoor pools.

French-Argentinian architect Marcelo Joulia redesigned “Hotel L'Imperator” in collaboration with the Paris-based architecture and design firm Atelier COS. Today, Imperator is an exquisite five-star hotel that promises guests an extraordinary stay with the charm of Southern France. Marcelo Joulia used contemporary materials to bring the glorious past of this hotel back to life – once housing names such as Ava Gardner, Ernest Hemingway, Salvador Dalí and Picasso.

TOTO provides comfort and hygiene in the bathroom

Facts + figures

Project: Maison Albar Hotel L'Imperator in Nîmes, France
Category: 5-star hotel
Number of rooms: 53 rooms and 8 private houses
Architect: Marcelo Joulia in collaboration with Atelier COS

Düsseldorf, October 2022
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