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Media information  TOTO Europe

27. Oktober 2020

The TOTO urinal

Featuring a simple, yet elegant design and outstanding features to ensure the greatest hygiene, TOTO urinals are an ideal choice for hotel and public facilities.

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Japan has “done great things” when it comes to toilets, as ARD correspondent Uwe Schwering shared in the recently broadcast two-part series “Geheimnisvolles Tokio” (“Mystical Tokyo”), along with his visit to the TOTO showroom. Of course, not every product has such spectacular hygiene and comfort features as WASHLET™, which was the focus of the piece. There are a number of exceptional products to discover in TOTO’s extensive portfolio that enrich people’s everyday lives in Japan – and, increasingly, in Europe as well. Like the urinal, for example.

A product people find very approachable

TOTO urinals have an elegant, streamlined design, including an integral trap to prevent odours along with other outstanding hygiene features. They can be found in exclusive locations and hotels, like the recently opened Andaz Vienna am Belvedere, as well as other public washrooms. TOTO urinals look clean and inviting at first glance, making people feel comfortable enough to approach and use them. The rimless design, extended opening to the front and the design of the back panel are all characteristic of the TOTO brand, and help keep any spray from spreading outside of the bowl. The large, extended opening to the front ensures that there is enough space between the user’s head and the wall. As a result, everything lands where it should – helping to promote better hygiene in public restrooms, which frequently have to deal with puddles underneath urinals.

Redefining cleanliness on ceramic surfaces

The rimless bowl looks and smells very clean as every inch of it is thoroughly rinsed – with no more than one litre of water! Unlike conventional models with a rim around the bowl, nothing can accumulate below the edge, which makes TOTO urinals easier to clean. One special feature here is the extremely hard and durable CEFIONTECT glaze, which guarantees long-lasting shine and keeps the product looking new despite years of intensive use. The innovative ceramic glaze also prevents any waste from accumulating – even nanoparticles of dirt not detectible by the human eye barely stick to the surface. According to TOTO’s statement, the company feels that it has “redefined” the cleanliness of ceramic surfaces with this unique glaze. Researchers also paid close attention to the ceramic trap, which is easier to clean when clogged by materials such as chewing gum or cigarettes.

Düsseldorf, October 2020
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About TOTO Europe

TOTO, one of the world’s leading sanitary ware companies, has an unwavering focus on people and their well-being. Established in Kitakyushu, Japan in 1917, TOTO has been developing, producing and marketing its comprehensive high-end bathroom concepts for the European market since 2009. The company aims to create a new attitude towards life through regeneration, comfort and hygiene, integrating technologies into their product designs in a smart, nearly invisible way. Japan’s leading manufacturer in the sector, TOTO offers a comprehensive range of products including ceramic sanitary ware, faucets and accessories. In 2020, the company looked back on 40 years of developing and manufacturing its renowned WASHLET™. TOTO supports the development of a fully emission-free society and is very committed to sustainability: By joining the RE100 initiative, TOTO Group will convert all of its facilities to power from sustainable energy sources by the year 2040. The company also received certification from the Science Based Targets Initiative (SBT) to reduce greenhouse gases in line with the Paris Agreement, and to systematically cut CO2 emissions further on this basis. TOTO employs 30,000 people world-wide.

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